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Why You Must Analyze Your Social Media Activities And How

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Social media marketing is a science, where you need to permute and combine different activities to meet a certain goal. Every task, involved in the process, has a number attached to it. Social media analysis helps you see how far you have reached and what would help you to attain the goal. 
Social media analysis process is a long-term method, where you need to calculate each of your actions on a scale. Are you ready to dig deeper? Start creating your own social media analysis spreadsheet.

How to create social media analysis spreadsheet:

There will be a number of parameters on which you need to analyze your social media activities. You can refer to the below example, but it may change with your business or industry. 
Now it must be clear to you, how to analyze each of your social media posts, based on their performance. This spreadsheet needs to be consistently maintained. If you’re a social media manager, this should include in your daily to-do list. 
This template was made for an ecommerce brand. You must customize it for your business. For example, if you belong to the restaurant industry, ‘Product’ could be replaced by ‘Service’ and ‘Trivia’ could be replaced by ‘Food images’. You could also include ‘Time’ as a parameter to track what are the best slots to post. 

Why social media analysis is so important: 

  • A detailed analysis on your social media marketing helps you monitor all the social media activities.
  • This analysis helps you gauge what type of posts resonate well with your audience and what are not working for them at all.
  • It would also help you in social media reporting, be it for the clients or your manager. 
  • If you follow this practice continuously, you can easily find a pattern in your social media activities and results. 
Let’s take a look at some of the best social media monitoring tools and social media reporting tools that would make the entire process easier for you.
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