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When You Would Need Social Media Marketing

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We come across this question from our clients very often. 
Social media marketing is for all, be it B2B or B2C. But mostly businesses can’t understand how social media can help them in different situations. Yes, social media is a versatile tool to help you attain any of your business goals. Let’s take a look at the occasions, when you would definitely need social media by your side. 

Social Media helps building brand awareness:

Brand awareness is the primary reason that many businesses start investing their time and money in social media marketing. Different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are used to create a branding out of a business. This holds true for all; from big brands to small businesses. 
All you need is, great campaigns and an optimal ad budget. Let’s take a look at how a small business created a unique brand recall with the help of social media. 
How Dollar Shave Club rode on branding and generated 12,000 subscribers in first two days of their pilot campaign:
They had a clear buyer persona in mind, when they were about to launch their first online campaign. They chose video as their primary content layer. 
In 2012, Dollar Shave Club created a video on their product and shared it on YouTube. Within the first 24 hours, it got the business 5000 new subscribers that led to 12,000 on the second day. However, the most interesting part is, they only spent around $5000 on the campaign. 

It helps you generate leads: 

Social media marketing can generate leads for your business, provided you do everything right. There are multiple tools and processes to generate leads on different social networks. Some are free while some are paid. It depends on the business and how well they strategize. Let’s see how a right social media tool can get you more leads. 
How Webtrends generated 996% higher leads with Twitter lead generation cards:
They targeted their promoted tweets with Lead Generation Card on the platform to get more sales-ready leads. The campaign led to 996% increased leads with 500% better cost-per-lead and 300% improved cost-per-engagement.
When we dug deeper the case study, we found out that the cost-per-leads for the Twitter lead generation cards reduced to $4 and cost-per-engagement dropped to $0.70. 

Social media can reduce your conversion costs:

Social media marketing is cost-effective. And it’s cheaper than traditional marketing. A study also proved that social media generates the lowest cost per lead along with email marketing. 27% marketers reportedly confirmed the finding with their conversion status. 

It offers better customer service: 

Social media is an open forum, where your audience can connect with you anytime. So, it’s a wonderful channel to talk to your audience. However, if you ignore their queries, confusions or feedback, it may backfire and result into a negative impact. The rule of thumb is, be active 24*7 on social media monitoring tools to serve your customers better. 
According to a stat by Business2Community, social media will soon be the key channel for the audience to contact a business online. 

Social media sends a huge traffic to your site:

Social networks can send traffic to your webpages or blog or any other landing pages for your social media campaigns. This works well if you want more and more eyeballs for your content that belongs to another website other than the concerned social media platform. 
Let’s see how a simple Pinterest ‘Pin it’ button increased All-Recipes’s traffic to a great extent.
They added the ‘Pin it’ button on every recipe page followed by an analysis on the total referral traffic they were getting from Pinterest. They created a new site template with the button above the fold, so their visitors didn’t have to scroll down. 
It increased their repins to 50,000 with 139 million impressions on the network. The overall clicks on their content increased by 900%. 

Social media promises higher peer recommendation and brand loyalty: 

Various studies proved that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter generate the highest number of peer recommendation. It’s part of enhanced customer service and is based on the user-to-user growth. 

It sets your brand authority up:

Social media is a platform where you can create your own brand identity with unique voice and authority. No matter if you are a startup or a big house, social media provides equal opportunities to everyone to create a unique brand identity. Moreover, you have your own audience to listen, share and communicate with you. 
Wondering how does it help you meet your business goal? Learn how Capgemini used social authority of their employees to get more leads for the business.

Social media ensures improved search engine ranking: 

Social networks are high-authority websites and for this reason, search engines always prioritize them over other websites. But G+ and YouTube get an added advantage as they are Google products. Moreover, social media encourages healthy link building for your business. 
Image- Problogger

It helps you understand your customers better: 

If you want to research on your customers, social media can be the best tool ever. You can track their likes, dislikes, buying behavior, spending preferences, interests etc. These are useful resources to get insights about your audience that in turn would help you strategize better for social media marketing. 
Facebook Insights, Graph search, Twitter Analytics, Fanpage Karma, Twitonomy are some of the most-used social media tools, where you can get a detailed picture of your audience behavior from. 
You just need to select the right tool, based on the network to track. There are advanced social media monitoring tools as well, which would help you understand your audience for creating a better marketing strategy.  

Social media increases your content reach: 

Social media ensures increased reach for your content. Each social media update is a story. And when people like, share, RT, or comment on your social stories, they are actually helping your content reach grow. 
For example, if 5 people having 100 friends like a Facebook post, and five people having 50 friends share it, chances are that your content gets visible to these (5*100) + (5*50) people. It also boosts your chances to appear on search results. 

Final thought:

You can start social media marketing for your business if you want to meet any of these business goals. Looking for some professional assistance? Fill in the no-obligation form below. We’ll get in touch with you with a definite solution. 
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