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How to Create, Manage and Rock Your Twitter Ads

Tweet it to the world! In August 2012, Twitter released the capabilities to promote your account, tweets or trending topic out of beta. Since then, users have been experimenting with this new social pay-per-click (PPC) option, including Smart Search. We had some great results in our test run and recommend you start utilizing Twitter ads for your business. Let us show you how.

Before you login into your Twitter ads account, it’s important to determine the following:
1.    What are your goals with Twitter ads?
2.    Who are you targeting with your ads?
3.    How much have you budgeted to run these ads?
4.    How will you track the success of your ads?

Twitter offers the ability to promote your account to encourage new followers, specific tweets to promote your content (i.e. articles, events, blogs, ebooks, etc) or promoted trends to highlight certain hashtags or keywords relating to your company. The option(s) you select need to be reflective of your goals.

Lets Tweet for Business

To start, you login to with your normal Twitter login. From there, you will be greeted with the welcome screen. Select the ‘Get Started’ button to begin creating your ads. Currently, Twitter’s ad targeting it limited to geographic location. You can select areas as big as entire countries down to specific metro areas. Select the targeting that makes the most sense for your business. Currently twitter inc. provides ad services in US with customized targeting of State/ Region; Metro-Area ; Postal Code


Twitter Targeting Options

Twitter ads allows you to target by Industry specific keywords - hashtag plays a vital role in this method of targeting via twitter search.It also gives you the option of targeting by interest of the followers, helping business dish out more customized and personalized  ads for better conversion through twitter marketing.

Twitter Targeting

Twitter Targeting By Interest

Twitter ads also allows you to target by followers interest. An sample of twitter ad targeting by interest (travel) is given below. A targeting based on interest can be most suitable for business with life-style product, apparels, tour and travel companies, forex, credit cards, international connectivity, hotels etc.

Twitter targeting by Device, Platforms and Gender

The world is getting smarter, Smartphone and Tabs have redefined communication and has made reaching prospects easier then ever before. Twitter ads allows targeting via devices and platforms, which also opens up opportunity for app marketing via twitter across devices along with other products. Gender targeting helps customize offerings specially for brands specifically catering to women- women's fashion store, Ladies salon etc. 

Promoted Accounts on Twitter

Next, you’ll have the option to promote your account, which again, is great for brand awareness and attracting new followers. Based on the budget you determined prior, you can break down your spend for that month or quarter into a per-day cost.


You can also change your maximum bid. A higher bid could mean more exposure but also a more expensive campaign. A higher bid will change the projected new followers per day.

Twitter Ads also allows you to post video along with tweets , thus making the twitter ad experiance better inducing better conversions.