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Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest is a great image sharing network for businesses. It would work great for you, if you have plenty of images to share and have women and moms as your main target audience. Pinterest lets you create a visual branding for your business, where you can talk about your services, products, community, clients and the list is on and on. 
Let’s begin with 20 Pinterest stats that show how the network is rapidly becoming a not-to-miss tool for business owners:
  1. 71% of all Pinterest users are women (comScore)
  2. 47% of US online shoppers confirmed that their shopping is directly influenced by a Pinterest recommendation. (Marketing Pilgrim)
  3. Number of Pinterest Business accounts are (Search Engine Watch)
  4. 75% of pinners browse the site on mobile (Pinterest)
  5. 93% of pinners shopped from the site in 2014 (Pinterest)
  6. Pins that comes with prices drive 36% more Likes than those without (Shopify)
  7. Images without a human face get 23% more repins (Curalate)
  8. Women pinners are 28% more likely to shop from Pinterest, because there are over 1.7 billion beauty rich Pins and 44 million beauty boards. (comScore)
  9. 64% of daily pinners explore a new interest or activity every month (Adweek)
  10. Pinners are more likely to spend double on online shopping than others. (comScore)
  11. More than three quarter of pinners browse the site to get inspired on shopping (Forbes) 
  12. Pinterest is the fastest growing social platform in 2014. (Global Web Index)
  13. Shopify merchants got maximum referral traffic from Pinterest in July 2014. (Shopify)
  14. Pinterest is as popular as Instagram to Millennials. (Harvard Institute of Politics)
  15. Two top reasons that Millennials follow a brand on Pinterest are liking for the brand and getting to know the latest coupons and discount deals (eMarketer)
  16. 52% of pinners consult Pinterest before shopping while in a brick and mortar store. (Mobile Marketer) 
  17. The average order value from Pinterest is estimated $100, which is much higher than that of Facebook’s $50. (Marketing Pilgrim)
  18. Average revenue a brand gets per visit from Pinterest is $.65 (cmo)
  19. Average number of website session per one pin is 2 (TechCrunch)
  20. 7% clicks on Pinterest result in a lead (Adweek)

3 major elements of Pinterest Marketing:

Pinterest Board: Pinterest users must create pin boards to upload their content. These are called Pinterest boards. The user can name it, add suitable description and start uploading content. 
Pin: Every image that you upload on the platform is a pin. 
Repin: When you share someone else’s pin on your Pinterest board, it’s called a repin.

The process we follow for Pinterest Marketing for business:

Page creation and optimization: The first step of Pinterest marketing is, creation of a business page. We always use your business name to create your username and vanity URL. A suitable description must be there to make people understand about the business. 
We also verify your website with the page to earn trust from your users. Once the page is verified, we start creating boards. While doing it, we keep your services, products, and business in mind. 
Add pins: As your boards are ready, we start pinning and repinning. If we are pinning original content, we make sure that they are of high-quality. It’s seen that taller images work better than wider images on the space. So, if we are creating images for Pinterest, we always try to make them tall.
Interaction with others: Only pinning or repinning will not do. You must follow other people, who are relevant to your business. Also start interacting with them through their pins. This helps us create a community around your Pinterest page soon. 
If used properly, Pinterest can show you great results in terms of traffic and branding. Get in touch with us to know more about Pinterest marketing. 
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