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What Is Social Media Management in The Right Sense

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Social media management is an umbrella term for posting, engaging, scheduling for the right time, running campaigns, interacting with the audience, listening to all the related conversations, and tracking the results. In other words, from planning to execution everything falls under social media management. 
Over here, we will see how some of the brands are managing their social media presence exceptionally well.

Denny’s know how to create great content on social media: 

Denny’s social media posts are fun and true to their business message, “Embracing the weird”. They maintain their presence in multiple social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn with super consistency. However, if you check each of their social media profiles, you would realize that they toiler their content, based on the channel. 

Tourism Australia rides higher with user generated content:

One of the most important factors for social media marketing is engaging your audience with your content. The mantra is, if you fail to hook them up with your content, you fail as a social media marketer. But Tourism Australia knows the drill. They not only encourage their social media audience to share their content with them, but they also invest on promoting them on their social media pages. 

WWF created ‘The Last Selfie” campaign to spread awareness of endangered animals:

This brilliant campaign was designed to raise our awareness on the endangered species and get donations for them. WWF chose SnapChat for the campaign just to cash on the unique feature of the network, where images disappear after 10 seconds. WWF sent the images of endangered animals to their audience with a strong social message. And within these 10 seconds, the viewers needed to share, donate or adopt the animal. 

HubSpot always talks back no matter what:

Social media is a wonderful communication medium, where brands can connect with their audience real-time, understand their issues, and offer a definite solution. HubSpot is one of those few B2B brands that always respond to their customers’ questions, no matter if they’re related to their business or not. 

Tools to help you in social media management:

It’s obvious that you would need some tools to execute all these tasks for social media management. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:
We hope you will find the best tools for managing your social media marketing. If you’re still looking for some other assistance, feel free to contact us


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