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What is SEO

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What is SEO?

To start, let us first answer one simple question – What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization; the process covers everything that can help a website become more visible in the search engines. Thousands of businesses fight to rank in the first page of Google or other search engines for the search terms related to their business. From search engines websites can get targeted traffic that might buy what the websites offer. Here is how the websites appear in Google. 

There was a time when Search Engine was the only online marketing channel. That was the time when SEO started becoming popular. And it was a long journey; the process observed ups and downs; it was used and abused. Today, what we see is a very advanced level of SEO.

There are 3 aspects of SEO:

  1. SEO for Sales
  2. SEO for Growth
  3. SEO for Branding (Branding for Sales)

We will discuss about them in details in When to Do SEO section of this SEO Guide.

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