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Special Offers

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Special SEO Offers from TechShu – We Provide FREE SEO to Selected Clients too

At TechShu we come up with various SEO offers; the objectives are:

  • Helping more and more businesses to understand the power of SEO and Digital Marketing
  • To help our clients increase their ROI

Here are some SEO offers that you can explore.

Refer and Earn – You can even get Free SEO Service from us

  1. By using this option you can make your own SEO project free. 
  2. Anybody can make money by participating in this program.

The story is simple; you refer someone who is interested in SEO. If that person hires us, you get a referrer bonus. By referring many such clients you can earn something that will balance out the amount you need to pay to use our SEO service. 

Anybody with a good network and zeal to make more money, can try the Refer and Earn feature and generate revenue for them. The option is open for all.

Visit our Refer and Earn page to get started.

Free SEO – No retainer fee to use our SEO Service

We offer Free SEO with zero retainer fees to some of our clients. There are, of course, certain eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy to get this SEO offer. Here is a brief description on how it works. 

  1. You have to use our service for a couple of months and allow us to do the SEO audit, structural SEO (if required), on-page, setup tasks etc. The work done at this stage is something like an investment; it adds immense value to your website and it remains there forever. Hence, we take a retainer fees for this span of time.
  2. Then, in the second phase, we set a very aggressive target and chase it. There is a fixed payment and a variable payment during this phase. The variable payment depends on the targets.
  3. In the third phase, typically after 7 or 8 months from the beginning, we roll the pay per performance model and waive the retainer fee 100%. You will need to pay to us for the sales that you make from digital marketing activities.

This model can work very well for product startups in India or anywhere else.

SEO for Free every month – We take 1 Free SEO project every month

This is the third option; we take one free SEO project every month. If you want to use this service, contact us and we will get back to you. In case we receive multiple requests, we put all the projects in queue and take them one by one in consecutive months.

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