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Making Right SEO Strategy is the Key to Success

Nothing is impossible or unachievable if you have the right strategy. To become successful in SEO and bring in targeted relevant traffic from search engines, you need the right SEO strategy for your website. And that is the reason you need to work with SEO specialists who can come up with an effective and result-oriented SEO plan for your website.

How we prepare SEO Strategy for you

We follow a Scientific and Realistic approach to come with the SEO strategy for our clients. Here are the steps that we follow:

  1. First, we understand the business. We believe that unless we have a proper knowledge of your business we cannot deliver good result. We send you questionnaires, we exchange mails to get an idea about what you do, who your competitors are and your short term and long term goals.
  2. Then we analyze your website against the common SEO Ranking factors and make sure everything is in place. This is common for all – we do it for all the clients.
  3. Keeping your targets in mind, we prepare a list of activities for next 3 months, 6 months and so on. This is prepared based on our experience of what works. You can check how we did it for our successful and happy clients.
    1. Right SEO strategy does not come up overnight – we start following a path and keep checking constantly how it is giving us results
    2. For example, if we feel that for a certain keywords, it is almost impossible to rank in the first page of Google because all heavy-weight websites are ranking there – we probably take a different route such as Google Places, Google News, Google Images or YouTube to rank there. 
    3. Sometimes, we create exact match domains if we feel that some keywords can be easily ranked by creating content-focused websites. 
    4. We prepare a detailed content plan for the website.
    5. We do interlinking to make sure the right signal goes out to the search engines.
    6. We also work to improve Local Citations for some clients, if required.
  4. We keep tracking the effects of our activities; activities keep changing depending on the return. 
  5. The SEO strategy is revised in every 3 or 4 months to make sure we are on track and to accommodate new goals, if any.

If you want us to come up with an effective SEO strategy for your business, get back to us.

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