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SEO Process-Proposal to Deilvery

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#1: Prime Goal of SEO

  1.     Traffic
  2.     Ranking
  3.     Sales
  4.     Branding

Result Metrics (Compared with previous months):

  •     Ranking
  •     Traffic
  •     Impression (using webmaster)
  •     Sales (Search Engine)

Some returns:

  •     Tracking
  •     SEO Sanitization
  •     Structural SEO
  •     Keyword understanding
  •     Competitor understanding

FAQ from client:

  •     How much does my website score from SEO point of view? (This can be answered from Sanitization Perspective)
  •     Is SEO plan ready? For next 3 months, 6 months 3 years.

#2: SEO Technical Process

The entire process of SEO may be depicted by the following chart. This will give us a better understanding about the process and the work flow.

The technical process consists of two main aspects viz. the On-page & Off-page which again has various sub divisions.
On-page Aspects

  •     Keyword Research Process
  •     SEO Sanitization – Checking of 72 parameters
  •     Structural SEO (wherever applicable)
  •     Page-wise SEO Suggestions

Off-page Aspects (Link Building)

  •     General Submissions
  •     Article Submission
  •     Social Bookmarking
  •     Directory submission (Local & Niche) – we may do this
  •    High Quality Link Submissions
  •     Blog Commenting
  •     Rss Submissions
  •     Blog reviews
  •     Contextual Linking

#3: Analyze the current presence

In order to assess the future potential of a website, we need to have a clear understanding of the site’s present position as well. Following are the factors we need to understand so as to better ascertain the site’s position.

  •     What is the current traffic of the website now?
  •     To which industry does the website cater to?
  •     What are the expectations of the client from this project?
  •     How much time do we need to achieve it? And How?

Aside from the above, we also need to analyze the position of the site from technical perspective

  •     Number of current backlinks
  •     Present ranking with targeted key phrases

    We also need to evaluate the SEO score of a project before initiation and compare the same on a monthly basis.

#4: Setup

Before starting off with the project we must make sure that the basic infrastructure of the project if ready before with proceed.

    Google Webmaster Tools – Set up & Verification

    Google Analytics – Set up & Verification

What is needed from Client?

In some cases we need assistance from the client to better know about the project and evaluate its potential or to figure out the recommended set of actions

  1.  Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics Details if the accounts are already created
  2.     Bing Webmaster Tools set up
  3.     Buying Related Domain - It s good if the client is in possession of domain names that sound similar or same domain with separate extensions as that helps us to better leverage the traffic that might have gone to these destinations.
  4.     Domain Renewal – We must set up a document where we make a draft of the domain expiry dates, set up a reminder and notify the client as and when the need arises
  5.     Web server location issues

#5: Tools

In order to better assist us with information we sometimes take the help of SEO tools to serve our purposes. Following SEO tools are frequently used in course of our tasks for various pursuits.

  •     Google Adwords Tools – Keyword Ideas
  •     SEM Rush – Keyword Ideas
  •     Majestic SEO – Backlinks
  •     Woorank – Overall SEO Audit
  •     Textalyser – Keyword Density Finder

#6: Reporting

It is important to the returns of our efforts on a regular scale. We generally prepare two kinds of reports viz Monthly Report and Weekly Report

A report should include the following aspects

  •     Overall Traffic improvement with respect to previous month
  •     Ranking position with respect to the previous month
  •     If the website is targeting several geographical areas, we shall track the differences in traffic country wise as well.
  •     Evaluate factors like Pageviews, Returning Visitors, Unique Visitors as yardsticks of improvement
  •     Analyze the causes for improvement or decrease in traffic and make recommendations accordingly.
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