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Duplication Management

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A duplicate content within the website is not at all encouraged by Google. However, in case of some websites there may be more than one page with the same/similar content sue to pagination, index.html/index.default file, https/http or www/non www issues.

An appropriate action should be taken up so as to resolve these.

How to Indentify & Solve?
1. Review site content (if the content of the site has duplicates ). You may also use Google Webmaster tool and find out if there id Duplicate title or description tag. If a site has duplicate metatags, it is highly possible that the content is also somewhere duplicate.
2. In case there are duplication and to redirect is an appropriate action that may be taken, check redirects using firefox Live HTTP headers to ensure a 301 is in place
3. Check if the duplicate Urls have been blocked already in robots.txt (Though this is not a recommended strategy for duplication management, still it may support the site for the time being)
4. In case if it is necessary to maintain the URLs intact (as it is mostly found in case of ecommerce / blog pages) it is best advisable to use a canonical tag. It is necessary to check the source code and find out if the canonical tag has been used.
Note: A canonical tag should be ALWAYS used within the head section of the page and preferably within the upper region.
5. Sometimes ecommerce pages have a set of product display pages ordered in sequence like 1, 2, 3 etc.. these are better known as paginated URLs.  Please DO NOT use rel=”canonical” tag for these URLs. They are not duplicate pages but are similar ones. The correct tag to use in this case is rel='previous” and rel=”next”. For more information on this, read


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