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More Keyword Ideas

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More on keywords

A – Keyword Analysis: (We work on long tail & short head both)
1. Keyword discovery: We will use tools like Adwords keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker and other tools to discover relevant keywords.
2. Keyword market: We check the market for each keyword based on Adwords Exact search count (not phrase or broad) based on the targeted location.
3. Keyword competition (USP): We check the competition for each keyword using the backlinks of the top ranking websites. This is a unique number calculated by our internal algorithms. Here we had to check the top 6 ranking websites and then check the backlinks of these 6 websites to calculate the mean value.
4. ROI calculation: Based on priority, relevancy, competition index and the available search market we calculate ROI, which helps in investment priority for different keywords. (Highly tested for years now , my article at WMW)
(A sample of random keywords sorted on basis of better ROI for a search engine firm. Our team does keyword analysis with 2000 keywords (provided keywords are available for the segment))

keyword analysis

(This has been one of the most helpful data for startup companies)

B: Keyword clustering
Here we assign related keywords for the pages. This helps the company get the number of pages that needs to be created and keyword-page mapping.
(This helps in internal linking, title optimization, content optimization, sales strategy etc. Many of the websites lose a lot of ranking because of the strength distribution across various pages. Clustering helps in consolidating the topic strengths to the target page. Very helpful in ranking)

C: Collecting Data
It is important to collect the important data for continuous analysis
1. See if the log files are getting created in a proper way.
2. (At later some stage you might want to get for click path, this helps
sometimes, I generally have my own application to track it)
3. Google webmaster tool -
4. Yahoo Explorer -
5. MSN webmaster -
6. Google analytics
a. Google analytics goals and funnels
b. Google analytics ecommerce settings
7. Google custom search engine
a. Google analytics search settings
b: Search engine optimization (Onpage)
c: Search Engine Optimization (Offpage) – Let high quality links.
d: Other required things to get it ranked.

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