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SEO Pricing – Stretch it as much as you can

There is no maximum or minimum limit when it comes to marketing cost. If you pay $100 per month to an SEO company, you will not expect anything less than the person who pays $2000 per month. 

If you look from the SEO Company’s point of view, a little more extra budget helps them to do creative work, spend good time to plan, come up with new ideas and strategies, brainstorm over viral SEO campaigns and put a good team to work on the project. This helps the company to deliver better and the person at the hiring end gets satisfactory result as well. 

The money that you invest, it will be with the website. So as a business owner you should look at it as an investment that will bring in higher returns in the longer run. 

  • Make sure you work with a reliable and ethical SEO company
  • Make sure you identify your goals properly
  • Make sure the SEO activities are mapped to what you want to achieve 
  • Make sure the SEO company puts in sufficient hours for you

A standard company will charge an hourly cost of $20 to $30. Once you know your budget, you can easily count how many hours the SEO company can spend for you. 

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Finally, we do not believe in pre-made packages as all businesses are different and there requirements are different. If you want to get an estimate of digital marketing solution for your website, talk to us.

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