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Common SEO Concerns

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Know who you are working with? Anybody can Guarantee you success - but is that all? Make sure you work with a really knowledgeable SEO company.

Here are some common concerns.

Can an agency help me do the SEO for my website?

Yes, of course. SEO agencies that have years of experience in this area of digital marketing, can certainly help you with all your SEO requirements. 

  • They can put the right processes in place
  • They can ensure the set up task is done and tracking is in place
  • They can come up with the right strategies
  • They implement the strategies by following the best practices

However, you have to make sure that you work with a knowledgeable SEO agency. 

How do I know if the SEO agency is knowledgeable?

Ask questions. Ask as many questions as you want to understand the process, SEO strategy they will follows, how the activities are going to help you etc. A knowledgeable and professional SEO company will be able to explain the process properly – what they are doing, why they are doing, how it will help you etc. 

A team does not become knowledgeable overnight; they must have a strong track record. Also, there must be a thought leader or knowledge leader who drives the team. Inquire about the team leaders and check their credentials online. 

There are many ways of checking the reputation and the credibility of a company and individuals; you can use Google, social networking sites, LinkedIn to check the history and background of any entity. 

How to get the Maximum return over what I invest?

  1. Do you follow the best practices? 
  2. Do you actually know how to rank a website or how to increase organic traffic?
  3. Are you sure there will be no harm to my website?
  4. What is the guarantee that I will get more than what I pay down the line?
  5. How long will it take to see any result?
  6. You do not understand my business; how can you help me?

These are the common questions asked by the clients. Here are the answers to all the above-mentioned questions. 

  1. Yes we follow the best practices, you can learn about our processes here.
  2. Yes, we know. Check the SEO Audit section to know the ranking factors. Also, check our Portfolio and Testimonials to understand how we helped our clients.
  3. We follow all ethical ways; we are well aware of the webmaster guidelines and we strictly follow them.
  4. We make the strategy keeping your goals in mind – everything is done keeping ‘sales’ in mind. We make optimum use of hours so that we can do the most effective things for you that will give you positive return.
  5. It depends on the competition and your goals. Talk to us to know more.
  6. We believe that unless one understand a business, a product, it is impossible to market it. We invest significant amount of time to understand your business, get accustomed with your market and know your product. We interact with you and work really hard to gain as much knowledge as possible. 

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