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SEO for Ecommerce sites

SEO for Ecommerce Sites

Things you need to remember about Ecommerce

  1. Pages are generally updated in bulk (Some of the large ecommerce we work with uploads close to 50 to 60 pages a day)
  2. They have huge inventory, over thousands of pages minimum
  3. An ecommerce website may sell thousand of products across different categories with multiple specifications and images.


Type of pages in Ecommerce and SEO for each type of page:

I am taking the example of Ebay and Walmart here. Remember, these are establish companies and thus they don't need much of SEO as they are already getting thousands of links and are valued by seach engines for popularity. 

  1. Home page (Should target industry keyword and the most competitive keywords): Example see how Electronics, Cars etc are in the tilte on the page (It also depends on your focus)
  2. Category of Category pages (, it contains all other categories + Some hot products). This generally offers huge search volumes (Example Electronics related keywords will have huge search volume, see the title here
  3. Category of Products
  4. Product Page - the final product page has image, quality specifications, user/service guide , warranties and image.

In the nutshell, an ecommerce website may have thousands to lakhs of pages and manually optimizing them will pose a great challenge (page-wise onpage optimization). We have come up with the best ecommerce seo solution - structural seo, optimizing the entire website with high volume search category and product keyword, applied smart coding (Automation) within the website to implement it all at once.