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SEO Checklist for SMEs


SEO Checklist for small, medium business

This checklist is based on the best seo practices and is regularly updated, keeping in mind the latest updates in the world of search engine optimization by Google and Bing. The current parameters include best of technical seo elements alongside best search marketing SEO features tailored, specifically for small and medium businesses.

Purpose of the Document: 

The document is to make a checklist of parameters that we are going to suggest in the course of the project period.We shall implement changes on the parameters which are crucial for the betterment of the SEO process.In case of some of the parameters we shall only make a suggestion. These are parameters which we think are important for the site but may not require immediate changes. We shall still suggest them to the client so that he can address the same himself separately or in case he requires a guidance, we can guide him in the process.

Onpage SEO Checklist (The pages we touch for SEO will be checked for)

  1. Title Tag 
  2. Description Tag 
  3. Canonical Tag 
  4. Document Structure (H1....H10)
  5. Alternate Text
  6. Breadcrumb 
  7. Content Creation 
  8. Content Optimization 
  9. Interlinking between content
  10. Authorship
  11. Structured data markup (schema)


SEO Parameters Checklist  (sitewide SEO Audit)

  1. www and non www issue:
  2. Crawl-able Navigation (JavaScript/Flash)
  3. Redirection issues
  4. JavaScript is External
  5. Google's Cache Dates
  6. Number of pages Indexed
  7. URL Structure 
  8. File size /Page load times checked and minimised (Speed Tests - GWT,Page Speed, YSlow, WebPagetest, or other tools )
  9. Duplicate Title Tag
  10. Duplicate Meta Description Tag
  11. Flash Content
  12. Test Server Indexable
  13. Sever IP Indexable 
  14. Site not in Google index
  15. Multiple Domains
  16. Index/default file
  17. Https Duplication
  18. Canonical Tag Fallback
  19. Link Schemes (Porn, Gambling, link farms etc)
  20. 100 Links per page
  21. Duplication Management
  22. Domain Renewal date 
  23. 200 Header check 
  24. 404 header check
  25. Broken links (using webmaster tools)
  26. Robots.txt 
  27. Search for bad words 
  28. Company Physical address
  29. Local phone number 
  30. Analytics set up 
  31. Webmaster set up (Google, Bing)