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onpage audit - Title

What is Title?

The text displayed in the blue bar at the very top of the browser window, above "Back," "Forward," "Refresh," "Print," etc. Although inconspicuous to the user, the title tag is the most important bit of text on a web page as far as the search engines are concerned. Search engines not only assign the words in the title tag more weight, they also typically display the title tag in the search results, making the title tag an important potential call-to-action as well. Thus, the wording of each page's title tag should be thought through carefully.

How to check a perfect title?

1. Keywords ordered as per

  • Relevance
  • Search Volume

2. maximum Length- 47 characters
3. Maximum keywords – 2
4. Brand Keyword -

  • Yes for brands
  • Optional for non brands
  • Yes for sites doing branding

5. Brand Keyword Placement

  • At beginning for brands
  • At the end for non brands
  • At beginning or middle for sites doing branding depending on the need of the situation.