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Onpage Audit - Docoment structure

The document structure of the page should be consistent and <heading> tags should be used appropriately. Furthermore, the <heading> tags can also be better optimized with keywords so as to exploit SEo benefits. The most important heading of the page should be the <h1> tags followed by <h2>, <h3>....,<h6>. It should be implemented in a way that the most important heading is <h1> tags and the subheading becomes <h2> tags and so on. Let us take an expample. For instance we are supposed to enlist counttry, state and city names, the structure should be as follows. 





   <h2>West Bengal</h2>

  • The most important heading, i.e. the country name becomes <h1>
  • The state is within a country and it becomes <h2>
  • The city is again within a state and it is <h3>

Now when we list down another city name, the same does not become <h3> or <h4. tag but remains as <h2> only as it corresponds to the city name type which is under <h2>

The heading structure should be nested properly. And should ideally contain keyword wherever applicable. It should however not compromise on the UI factor and should not stuff keywords unreasonably. The followings are certain must habes of a good document structure

  • Correct Nesting
  • Contains keyword
  • Stuffs keyword