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URL of the page

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URL of the page:

Category: On-page Value
Frequency of Checking: Setup - One time
Importance Level: 5/5 (It is going hot these days)

Are there keywords in the URLs, is it search engine friendly?
  • Do’s: Have proper categories example, /services/mobile-development/samples.html, have the keywords separated with dashes. Having the keywords help in getting better ranking. Check the CMSes used to render all the pages. Then can be various tools that are being used for it.
  • Don’ts: Don’t use underscore. Don’t have long urls for important pages that will be referred regularly like contact, you shall have domain.com/contact/, domain.com/pricing/domain.com/services/ etc. Don’t have too long a url for the pages as it looks spammy. Have less than 3 hypens in the url.
  • Quality check: Check all the major target URLs. Check different CMSes that are used like blog, forums, cms, cart etc to see if these are rendering proper urls.
  • Progress check: See how many URLs are fixed.

Official Documents by Google for URL optimization:



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