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Popularity value of the page - Off page (20%)


Popularity VALUE OF THE PAGE - ON PAGE (20%)

Popularity value of the page influences approx 20% of the Ranking Factors (The weightage is just an estimate, it keep fluctuating with different Google updates).  Off-page value (20%, 3+ points): What is said about the page by other websites (links to the page).



  • On-page value (16+ parameters explained): A good % of Ranking Algorithms depends on what is said on the target page (theme for the page). For each keyword we assign a target page. Here is the checklist for the internal pages and homepage. We generally take homepage and a sample of 5 to 10 pages for the checklists.
  • Onpage Signals - User satisfaction point for the page (10%): How users are reacting to the page. Make users visit more pages on the site, help them stay more time on the site.
  • Onsite value: Informative value of the website
  • Offsite value: Populairty value of the website as a whole.