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Building SEO Profit Block

Build SEO Profit Block before you invest in SEO

Are you planning to invest in SEO? Yes, the money that you spend to do SEO for your website is basically a kind of investment. As a business invests in advertisement for branding and sales, the same way SEO expense is a kind of investment. It can give you growth, sales and branding in the longer run.

But, before you invest, you have to make sure that your website is ready for it. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of money without getting high ROI. Here is an example. (Hope you would like the analogy)

Assume you order interior decoration materials for your home. But there are some construction work pending. What will happen? The decorative materials will come to your place, and you have to dump them somewhere. You cannot use them to the fullest until the construction work is over. By the time the home is ready, the decorative materials would be spoiled. You have to spend more to make the decorative materials usable or to store them. Overall, it is a mess!

You could avoid it if you had ordered the decorative materials after the construction work is done. 

Similarly, when you plan to do SEO for your website, you have to make sure that the setup is ready. Then a little effort can help you make a big jump. 

Build SEO Profit Block first

Your website is at the center of everything. So first of all you have to make sure that your website is ready to take the full advantage of the Off-page SEO work done by a professional SEO company. For this we recommend following things. Ideally it should take 1 to 3 months to get it done.

  • Structural SEO – This is done to ensure that the technical aspect of the website is in place. So that once traffic starts coming to the website from search engines, they face no problem accessing the website and they can get converted.
  • Tracking and reporting processes are put in place to make sure you can track the ROI; you can track visitor behavior, you can get better insight to prepare strategy for future.
  • The basic structure of the website is put in place with proper content (if not done already)
  • Create specific content pages to start with
  • Goals are set – short term and long term
  • Targets for next 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
  • Plan for next 3 months

Maintain SEO Profit Block

Having SEO profit block set up, the next important thing you should go for is maintenance. It is an ongoing work; a strong base makes the maintenance easy. However, no maintenance for long time might take you back to ground zero. 

Here is a list of maintenance activities:

  • On-page activities so that search engines get the right signal
  • Proper interlinking among pages
  • Proper use of keywords in content
  • Adding relevant and useful content to the website

Improve SEO Profit Block and increase ROI

This is the most profitable part and can bring you high return. However, this is not easy and not everybody can do it. You need really experts to work for you to work at this level. This is the most creative and competitive area. If you do it properly, you can get high and sustainable growth. Some of the activities done at this level are:

  • Community building
  • Multiple campaigns to promote the content virally
  • Social reach
  • Connecting with other digital marketing channels

You can visit Digital Marketing ROI and Building & Improving Profit Blocks for more information.