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How to choose a dedicated SEO specialist for your project?

Well let me put the above statement in a different way. If you ask me as how I will choose a dedicated SEO specialist for projects, I would like to mention the following qualities you should check among all the interviewees. At the first instance, SEO specialist will be responsible for overall planning for the project, marketing strategy, execution and improving the end result. You should expect a goal and detailed oriented personnel as an SEO Specialist who will not only perform the tasks but at the same time will take the project forward in terms of ROI.

1. An eye towards detail: The success behind SEO lies in choosing the right set of keywords. In SEO the keywords are the search market. The SEO specialist will select those keywords which are with moderate to high search volume. Search volume means the no of people searching in the web with those keywords in a single month. As an SEO specialist will have to perform detailed keyword analysis so s/he must not overlook any opportunity of market share a keyword is telling.

2. Analytical Power: The analysis is very important in choosing right set of keywords. Analysis in terms of the business, target market, understanding the difference between any similar set of keywords is necessary. Else s\he won’t be able to figure out the on-page activities properly.

3. Knowledge of English: S/he is supposed to be comfort with English written with zero errors. English is important as the specialist will be writing the titles, descriptions of webpages. And if all these basics do not go in line with the business, client gets pissed of and this may cause a negative impression on the quality of the work.

4. Qualification:  Must be a Graduate. Post Graduation in any social science or commerce, business, statistics would be plus and preferable.

5. Keenness in learning new things: Digital marketing industry is one of the dynamic industries in current era. It requires lot of passion, learning and quick implementation. This specific skill will provide a scope to think beyond what a project demands, helps to add different dimensions to the thought process and sooner or later this is reflected in execution.  The SEO specialist needs to track almost all the search industry news, views, algos, blogs, articles etc. Accordingly s/he has to set the strategies of his websites.

6. Strategies making skills: Dedicated SEO specialist is also supposed to initiate the website promotion plan which demands the content plan, link plan etc. In times s/he will able to guide the content team with draft and link team with link building strategies. If somewhere it is found that the performance of the site is stuck, s/he will design some breakthrough idea to take the project forward.

7. Management skill:  A dedicated SEO person will be proactive in managing a set of projects at a time, finding loopholes within the projects, having excellent execution skill within time frame.

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