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Link Quality Criteria

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Link Quality Criteria for our partners
TechShu is one of the most knowledgeable and rapidly growing Digital Marketing Agencies with some high profile clientele. We understand your pain points. We have done link building for last 8 years and thus we understand the process, quality and the methods for link building. We are looking for partners who can help us execute the work, cooperate on knowledge and quality to take both of our ventures to next level along with creating satisfied clients every single month. Let’s not get into definition of “good quality link”, let’s get good quality link and with time we will have a better mutual agreement of the definition of “good quality link”. Some of the criteria to start the work will be:
Your Eyes first Search Engines/Technical view second:
We believe we as a visitor can judge the site better than based on technical criteria’s, so judge in on the basis of:
1. Do you think this site is meant for some purpose other than link building, search engine ranking etc? Do mention this.
2. Should have atleast 5 pages updated in last one year (some exceptions can also be entertained if the point #1 (Business) is very strong, or the PR is really high). This is added to see if the website is dead for an year.

Technical/Search Engine Check:
1. Should not be dropped domain, parked, banned (example: , this has no content)
2. Should be from unique IP (We are considering your 30 link bunch)
3. No content farm, auto sync rss type websites etc (The website should look as if the content is updated by human beings for human beings). Automated blogs are not accepted either.
4. Check the bad neighborhood - and
5. The website should not be promoting Porn, Casino, Pharmacy or any adult content.
6. Home page should be PR1 + (Higher PR will be give more value)
7. The page from where you are getting link (PR 0 is accepted if the website is new). The page that is linking to our client’s website should not be a pure link page. It can be a resource page where other similar websites are listed but it should be one page which is meant for link exchange work.
8. Outbound Link should be less than 20-30 (Exceptions are accepted if all the links are going to very high quality websites or the web page URL is really high, the page should look genuine and useful for users). We will be using tool. Page with good and useful content will be valued more.
9. Search Engine Friendly link: We pay 100% only after the link is cached by Google. It should not be a no-follow link.
10. We also appreciate Anchor text diversification and a proper anchor text placement. DO work with our team to understand what we mean by this.

Document Overview
We want a total of 30 links to be built for one of our clients that deals with Chart making (Developer use their application to develop the charts). This document outlines the work that we require this resource to undertake, giving volume and channel of link required to meet our brief.

Time Line & Deliverables
We want the 30 links to be completed by Feb 28th. The link report should be produced with the active link pages by the 2nd March, 2011. Also we will appreciate an effort excel to understand your efforts on how many webmasters were contacted and what was the approach to contact them.

Strict NO NO – Don’t DO THIS at any cost
1. We don’t want any public posting about the link request with our client name on it.
2. No submission sites are accepted be it any type of submission like directory, article, book, ppt, website etc. (But Blog reviews or articles being published on a website which is not a typical article submission website is accepted)

You can also do:
Paid links, we have $100 available for the first contract for paid links (We call it media buying), every link buy should be a permanent placement, should not be an ad for a limited period.

We will appreciate a weekly update in a very casual way
Formal reports to be sent every month.

Pricing model for Trail period and first few months (Then we will have much stable rewarding structure):
For this phase of work, we will like to go for a base price per link but you will be compensated with bounce for really high quality work.

TechShu Consultancy Pvt. Ltd
5/5 stars
Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project