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How to choose pages for a month’s optimization work?

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How to choose pages for a month’s optimization work?
This looked like an amazing question and needed to be put to the process. Points to be noted are:

  • We can’t target pages; we will have to target the keywords. 80% we need to have short term (sometimes little traffic) and fast traffic increase as the goal and 20% for thelong term (may be some keywords with huge traffic but will take time to rank).
  • While choosing the keywords we will be focusing on traffic + sales, so by looking at relevancy and search volume we can achieve a lot.
  • Brand related and product related keywords which are not ranking well are given higher priority.

Which keywords to choose?

First priority of keywords: The keywords that lost its ranking in last month:
Use this internal tool
else you will have check Google analytics and check for it one by one. It is tough from Google analytics
 This is important as the keywords that were ranking once can be ranked again. So need to push these
Second Priority is Brand related and product related keywords which are not ranking well are given higher
 All the brand related keywords are supposed to be priority 1, you can check it from, sorted on the basis
of priority, also you can do a search and see if there is any keywords with the brand name which is not
put as priority 1 in SEOAppy.
This is important as people who search for brand related keywords should find us. Most probably they
want to join us or buy something from us. Even when brand keywords are giving us less traffic but still
the conversion ratio can be high.
Third priority of keywords are the keywords which are ranking in top 30 with good search volume:
 Use (BY default it
takes the country to be worldwide, you can change it by adding ?country=, by default it shows the latest
rankings, you need for the last month, try adding one more parameter date to it, date=20/10/2010
(need to check the format), so example Use
specific/cpanel/clients/stats/update-old.php?country=in&date=20/09/2010 for last month keywords
that was ranking for the country in, available country list you can get it from http://www.example- ) can also be
used, just sign for a free account.
 You can use for the best options.

Fourth priority is 20% biggy keywords with huge search, we need to ensure progress here: , search it by
relevant search per month
intake/keyphrase.php?sort=relevantmarketadwords&order=desc&target_market=worldwideCONFIDENTIAL – DON’T SHARE –

Just make sure that the keyword is relevant and offers huge search volume. Huge may be relative, for
some industry 2000 is very huge and for some 20000 is just average search volume.
This will take time to rank but we need to keep getting links and related content to keep a positive
signal. Just spent 20% of the total time for ranking on these big keywords.

Fifth priority are the keywords which has a good ROI (Good search volume and low competition): First update and then sort it
based on ROI
 Be careful, here you will all type of keywords, you can choose the keywords for:

The segment group, like parenting related keywords for a client that is selling child education
Some keywords that is having huge search and very low competition, even if it is 1% relevant,
you can go for it, how doesn’t want EASY and FREE TRAFFIC
Others: New keywords which may have good search volume improvement like a new product release, a news
item etc can also be focus.
 This is something that comes from the client or the team that is working; so check the news items
regularly and keep a track of it. Example: see the jump here, it’s a new keyword

Also check the google trends on google sktool to see if we can get some new trend keywords.
How to check if a keyword is relevant to our business or not?
This is important as the irrelevant keyword pisses the clients off (and obviously), try and make fewer mistakes here. We
might differ in our thinking but make sure there is a logical reason for your choice of keyword (try and put the logic for
selecting these keywords along with the plan so that the client is clear about our plan)

Search in Google, under in the relevant Datacenter (by going to and putting gl=us or gl=gb, whatever
is the country code, at the end of the url), see the organic results and the ads, do you see it to be relevant. In
case if you see the results that are coming is not relevant, you may have to give strong reasons for your choice. If
the organic results and ads are relevant then we can be sure that this keyword is relevant for us.
See if that keyword is already bringing some traffic to the website and the sales happening through it. If the
sales are happening through the keyword then we can take those keywords as relevant.
Involve the client, ask for feedback to avoid any confusion or mistake.
Will add more here.CONFIDENTIAL – DON’T SHARE –
Once the keywords are selected:

Search the keyword in Google, Yahoo and Bing with , seo in with right gl=us, you will get the most powerful pages with
respect to links, content, freshness, (The latest Google algorithm)
Do the same with Yahoo to know Yahoo’s choice and Bing
Then based on the top 5 pages you can make a call for the right landing page.
Also for some of the keywords there may not be a good page, so you may have to choose a new one altogether.
In case is a new page created or a old page which doesn’t have any relevant content at all.
I will try and automate these processes too.

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