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Search Engine Optimization – The TechShu Way of It-todelete

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Search Engine Optimization – The TechShu Way of It
Search Engine Optimization is the process of making website more visible in the search engines. That’s the simplest definition. However, the process is not that simple. It involves lots of this and that. But why should you bother? Here are some stats:

  • Google got 1.1 billion searches in a month
  • Organic results are most trusted
  • 70% of searchers click on organic results, not on sponsored results
  • Majority of your clients will use search engines to find services or products you sell
  • Organic traffic has higher conversion rate
  • Organic traffic is free traffic
  • Today’s efforts will result in long term returns

To make the most of it, you have to secure high ranks in the search engines. And that’s where we can help you. With years of experience in this field we have a practical knowledge of what works for which domain. Get in touch to leverage our knowledge with your marketing activities.

Our approach to SEO – It’s different:
We are into digital marketing for years; we have seen how the industry has evolved. Things that used to work earlier do not give any return anymore. And we have changed our activities with time. By participating at online forums, by following industry leaders and by attending seminars and events we constantly keep updating our knowledge so that we can offer exactly what you need.

Facts about SEO – What it is - What it is NOT:
Many concepts, ideas and myths prevail around regarding SEO. Thought it would be good to paint the real picture:

  1. SEO is not magic – you cannot find yourself on top in Google overnight
  2. When you do SEO you cannot ignore usability of your website
  3. Organic rank in Google has no connection with Sponsored listings
  4. On-page optimization is as important as off-page optimization
  5. Content is still the King
  6. Social sharing started influencing organic results
  7. Organic results might depend on your search history, location and other details
  8. When you work with an agency you have to be a part of all the activities – success cannot come without your participation

Still not sure if it would help you? Call us or mail us – we would happy to send you a FREE audit report and scope of work for your website.

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