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Do you know what your customers are talking about you? What if they post any wrong or negative comment about you at a blog, forum or any consumer board? Reputation management means different things for different companies. We have had opportunities to work with some of the largest brands on reputation management, we also worked for very small business for their urgent reputation issues and we do reputation management for our own companies as well. Let us put what reputation management means:


  1. Reputation Mangagement on Review sites (Every industry will have specific major sites (like tripadvisor for travel, yelp for local businesses etc) that they need to monitor very carefully and there are some general websites like BBB, review center etc. Sometimes there are wrong reviews by competitors and sometimes there are right reviews by unsatisfied clients. We need to monitor it really quick and take care of it. There are methods to take care of it.
  2. Search Engine Suggest Reputation Management: When you search for a brand name sometimes Google suggest some negative keywords like scam, fraud etc. associated with individuals or brands which can potentially cause a lot of harm on the goodwill. Good news is It can be removed, we have done it few times removed scam from google suggestion .
  3. Search Engine Listing reputation Management: When you search for some businesses, some listing comes up with are negative in nature. At times people search for “business name + review” before hiring the business. In case of negative reviews people try to avoid such companies. This again can be management by pushing the negative listing to 3rd page or more
  4. Conversation Sentiment Monitoring: For a large brand businesses wants to know what people are talking about with respect to the business. It needs some good work. Here often we use a third party application to capture the conversation at run time (ASAP). Also we create sentiment reports to help the business with better feedbacks. We still feel we need to use tools and compute it manually for the best outputs. Thats where a company from India can be more fruitful. Please ask for some of the reports. Also we are planning to upload some of the reports at
  5. Listen to citations at low cost: This is must for all companies. We can help you setup a alert system for your company. You should put your phone numbers, business name and some of the key players for tracking. Also you can use some of the free tools like to monitor conversation for free. We try to do it for most of our clients.

Why reputation management and monitoring matters?

Web is expanding at a very fast pace; with the advent of blogs, forums and social media, it is difficult to keep a close eye on who is saying what about you. Online reputation management allows you to monitor your brand round the clock. You can get quick alerts when somebody mentions your name online. It is very important as most of the customers will like to check the reviews before hiring you. You must monitor and maintain your online reputation.

Online reputation management has many benefits such as:

  1. Monitor negative comments and act quickly. If a customer was not satisfied, you can compensate and establish a better image of your brand.
  2. You can do a sentiment analysis – how many people like your product, how many people are saying positive things about you and how many are talking negative? This can give you a good insight.
  3. You can monitor your competitors and know what they are doing online, what kind of reputation they have.

We helped our client to remove a negative search term from Google Suggestion

A client approached us with an unusual but major problem. Their company name was appearing in Google Suggestion with the term scam at the end of it. For example, if the company name is ABC Company, as people start typing ABC in Google, they could see a suggestion ABC Company Scam. This was hurting their reputation. The company actually was a reputable one with a large and satisfied clientele.

With our unique approach and right strategy, we removed the term from Google Suggestion.

We have a unique system to monitor the web on your behalf. To know more on this, get in touch with us