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Progressive Keyword Analysis

"90% of your SEO success depends on Right Keywords"
Right Keywords = Progressive Keyword Selection

We are industry thought leaders and one of the pioneers in keyword analysis, our founders published their first paper in 2003. 

As a company, we have created GREAT returns for our customers using right digital marketing mix. Our public testimonials, certifications (Google, Bing certified and partners) and clientele list keeps motivating us to achieve more. Marketing was never scalable, now with digital marketing, it can be made more scalable and thus affordable. We at Techshu are proud of our team structure, processes, training and tools which is making it possible to deliver high returns for all our customers. Our new age SEO focus, our marketing ready CMS, our PPC methodology or our social media achievements, all offers unique thought processes.

Coming back to keyword analysis, here is an example of how we created value through progressive keyword research for a website development company. Usually most of the agencies will select high competitive keywords like web design, website development, iPhone app development etc. for their clients,and end up with no ranking as thousands of web pages are competing against each other to rank on #1 page of Google & Bing. Our unique approach- a mix of competition analysis (phrase organic competition),buying intent and investment index helped us find the right set of relevant keyword (with moderate search volume and low competition) to get the client ranking + relevant traffic resulting in organic leads (reducing cost per acquisition) & sales.

Progressive keyword research

Let's talk and see if we can help each other grow

Progressive Keyword Selection Model

Progressive keyword selection (Our Forte) is the key to SEO (Search Engine Ranking) success. 90% of your success depends on the right progressive keyword selection. Most of the companies go wrong in keyword selection and die a Google Penalty death by OOPs (Over optimization penalty). We are one of the pioneers of keyword research. Our articles (written in 2003) are accepted in WMW’s library as a resource for lifetime (the world’s largest digital marketing forum). We have added value to many agencies and command the lead in keyword research.

There are few attributes to keywords

“With the current age search engine algorithm updates such as hummingbird, penguin, and panda, the best SEO strategy is to focus on diverse signals and improve organic signals”.

  • Search market - How many people are searching for it
  • Relevancy to your business and buying intent: (needs a lot of discussion, thus we select keywords with mutual agreement)
  • Competition - How difficult it will be to rank for the keyword (This is our forte, our USP, we select keywords which are good and relatively easy to rank)
  • Current strength – The keywords for which the website is really strong (Access to Google webmaster is important here, once we have access to it, we might revisit keyword analysis).
  • + Other less important parameters like trends etc

Progressive KW ranking Steps

For a larger search volume and highly competitive keyword, it needs months and months of progressive content, progressive popularity signals and progressive growth signals. These signals can be grown progressively by focusing on lesser competitive keywords. So a smart progressive keyword selection will be to select the keywords which can contribute the traffic base by ranking fast and getting some initial traffic signals. All the signals for less competitive keywords will allow us to win on the highly competitive keywords. By focusing on highly competitive keywords in the initial stage we will not be able to generate enough signals to make the competitive keywords rank. We all want to reach better positions but jumping too many steps can be disaster. The best way to win is “Win progressively”.

Try progressive Keyword analysis for $49 (one time)

Note: Companies with above $1000/month budget or companies looking for sales/leads should go for multi-channel digital mix as that gives the best results instead of SEO focused digital mix. The below mentioned packages are aimed at very small and medium size businesses looking for organic growth through search engine ranking.

Secret to Progressive ranking:

  • Progressive content (We will create a content plan)
  • Progressive popularity (Links / Off-page)
  • Progressive growth signals - Includes current traffic, current engagement on site etc

Focus on Keyword groups than keywords for better ranking

Some of the sample keyword groups are:

  • Location based - Starting with local city based and then nationwide and then worldwide
  • Services based - Building the base for all services and the focusing on the services which are less competitive.
  • Sub services
  • Terms that mean business (includes Buying Intent & related keywords)
  • Brand keywords
  • Latest keywords
  • Already ranking keywords in top 50 - This is one of the most progressive ways to win the market, focus on the keyword groups which are ranking and select more keywords from the same group. By focusing on this, you will get more keyword groups to rank in top 50

The main online marketing goals of any business 

The major goals for businesses from online marketing channels broadly can be stated as Sales (quick sales & Consistent sales) Branding (loyalty & referral)

In other words, every company has three marketing goals

 1. Immediate leads/sales (cost per lead will be higher)

            (Paid ads, Email, SMO, cashing on existing strength, market place listing etc)

 2. Long lasting leads/sales at lower cost (SEO is an investment for organic growth)

            (Organic growth with SEO, Social Media, Community etc)

 3. Branding for premium leads/sales (Direct visitors, natural referrals, premium worthy perception etc)

SEO is an investment for organic growth; we work on SEO for short term and long term.

channels to reach digital marketing goals

Try progressive Keyword analysis for $49 (one time)

 “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently” – Warren Buffet

SEO for Branding:

Every activity including SEO activities should be Branding compatible.

Organic growth for branding

Organic growth & branding pay high dividends in long run

Goals for SEO focused Digital Mix

“Principles of marketing never change, we focus on Principles of digital marketing mix.”


SEO goals

New age search engine algorithm updates such as hummingbird, penguin, and panda, the best SEO strategy is to focus on diverse signals and improve organic signals. Organic signals include social signals from social media platforms that forms part of search ranking parameters.

Our approach to ranking & organic sales

  1. Get the ranking for relevant keywords  
  2. Then relevant keywords bringing relevant traffic (Main goal)
  3. & then relevant traffic bringing relevant leads/sales. (Customers earn real value with leads/sales)

Our main goal is to increase relevant traffic to your website from our SEO focused digital mix . Even when we are focusing on traffic (ranking), we will guide you to increase the leads as our main goal is to help you get online success.

Organic roi from seo

Try progressive Keyword analysis for $49 (one time)

Keyword Research – We work with 2000+ keywords

We are one of the pioneers in Keyword Analysis, in 2003 we wrote the first detailed matrix based keyword analysis (which is a part of's library, the largest forum for SEO Pros). We look at keyword analysis in a completely different way:

  • First phase: Keyword group discovery (We divide keyword groups in dimensions and attributes)
  • Then we discuss with the team to find the most important keyword groups (important from different perspectives like conversion rate, website strength, current ranking, search volume, Local etc)
  • Once the keyword groups are selected, we take each group and go deeper into it to discover more and more keyword groups and keywords.
  • We then look at data from Google analytics, webmaster to see current ranking keywords.
  • We use some amazing tools to find "How easy it is to rank for a keywords" (Previously we had an amazing tool using Yahoo explorer, now unfortunately that data is not possible.)  Now we use MajesticSEO, ahrefs to understand the best keywords to focus.
  • Then we calculate an investment index to decide the keywords to focus on.

Get Started - Invest on most profitable keywords for ranking:We look at search volume, buying intent (using bids) & competitor score (ranking difficulty, our own unique score) and calculate investment index.

Reiterating “Our focus is to help you with real business goals”

Try progressive Keyword analysis for $49 (one time)