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Pay Per Click – PPC Management and Optimization-todelete

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Pay Per Click – PPC Management and Optimization
Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very popular online marketing channel. Marketers like it because of three reasons mainly:

  1. It provides a win-win situation – you only need to pay when you get traffic
  2. It helps to drive traffic even when your website is new
  3. You can get relevant traffic through contextual ads

In PPC you run ad campaigns through various channels; and you need to pay the publisher only when someone clicks on your ads. There are many networks which you can use to run PPC ads; most popular are Google AdWords and Bing Ad Center. Through these two PPC programs, you can run ads on Search Result pages, many relevant websites as well. By using the contextual targeting model, you can ensure that:

  1. Your ads appear when someone searches for products or services that you offer
  2. Your ads appear when someone reads about something very related to what you offer

How we can help you:
PPC is useful, but if you do not optimize your campaign, if you do not experiment with landing pages, if you are not able to reduce the cost you might end up spending a lot without getting any significant return. That’s where we can help you. With our detailed understanding of the process and years of knowledge, we can help you get the highest return in your budget. Our PPC team consists of AdWords Qualified professionals; and we are a Google Engage Partner as well.

Facts about PPC:
Some facts, myths and truth about pay per click program:

  1. It cannot boost your organic rank
  2. Spending more might not lead to more sales
  3. You have to work on your website as well
  4. You have to work on the campaigns continuously; it’s not a one-time process

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