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Web Analytic Service

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If you don't know the insights spanning your business, how can you take decisions and take your business to next level?

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Web Analytic - Measure & Get Valuable Insight

There is two type of truths, deep and shallow. Getting high traffic to your website is good for your business is a deep truth where as the shallow truth is getting high traffic to your website is only good to your business when it brings good sales, i.e. good business. But how on the earth will you measure that? How are you supposed to take that decision?

Well, we make your life easy. We are in the industry for the last 10+ years and analyzed too many websites (at least 1000 every year we would say). We have seen SMEs, we have seen Giants. We know the complete in and out of this field.

Earlier we used to provide this Web Analytics service to our clients only but now it is open to all. The question must be arising to your mind that what will we actually do?

We will analyze your analytics data, whatever analytics you use and we will give you valuable insight which will help you to take informed decisions. For e.g. you are selling Wedding dresses in Boston, getting good traffic but not good sales. After analyzing your data we have given you the insight that most of the people who are coming to your website are not from Boston at all, that means something is not going right. So with that insight that people who are coming to your website are not from Boston will help you to take a decision.

Here is a small example of the work we are talking about, have a look (this is just one example, we will be analysing several parameers)

There are no deep truth when it comes to a market which is constantly changing and so you better be open and accept the shallow truth. until and unless you get the insight, you are not in such a position to take a decision.

Our Process


Web Analytics Pricing

Though we charge on hourly basis but to make things easier for you, we will charge fixed amount every month for as long as you use our services. Our charge for web analytics is only $200/month. Talk to us to know more on this. Mail us at or contact us here.