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Comparison between Sony and Star TVComparison between Sony and Star TV

star plus

Is  STAR under SONY’S cloud cover?


The blue cloud indicates Star’s posts and the black cloud represents Star’s updates.

This cloud formation indicates the viralness of the posts. Bigger cloud shapes indicates that the posts have performed really well. The score of the posts is calculated on the basis of likes, comments & shares. From the screenshot, we can see clearly that Sony’s posts have got more viral than that of Star.

As Sony hasn’t posted any updates between March 4 – April 1, there is no blue cloud formation in the picture.

Industry Standard

Industry Report 1
post visualizer



Best Photos



Side by Side

side by side

Page Profiles

page profiles


Engagement fab page
Inpression fan
Shares fan
best posts

Industry Standared Of The Posts Like


The industry standard for liking the posts is 0.09%. Star Player has a ratio of 0.07% which is below the industry standard. Sony’s like ratio is 0.11% which is more than the industry norms.

Industry Standard Of The Post Comments


Industry Standard for commenting on the posts is 0.02% . Star Player has a industry standard of 0.02% and Sony’s industry standard for post comments is 0.01%.

Industry Standard For Estimated Reach Of The Posts


Industry Standard for Estimated Reach is 19.38%.

Star Player is ahead in this regard as it has an estimated reach of 22.43% whereas Sony has estimated reach of 16% which is below the industry standard.

Industry Standard For Estimated Clicks On The Posts is 0.07%.


Star Player is again leading with 0.10% clicks on it’s posts with Sony only having 0.04% clicks on it’s posts which is well below the industry standard.

Industry Standard For Virality Of The Posts Is 1.55%.


Industry Strategy For Best Time Of The Posts Is 9am- 12pm

time of the day

Both the pages follow this time period for their posts with Sony posting more updates in this time-frame in comparison to Star.

Industry Strategy For Best Day To Post Is Sunday.

Day of the week

Tuesday is considered the next best day for posts. Sony posts mostly on Thursdays whereas Star Player consider Monday as the best day for posts.

Industry Standard For Post Frequency is 7 posts

Post frequency

Sony follows the industry standard of making7 posts whereas Star follows the second best industry standard of making 1 post.

Post Visualizer

post visualizer
engagement fan

engagement pulse

engagement fanb 3

Best 5 Posts

post details1


Strategy of the Sony Page


best worst matrix

Their best metrics is when they make 7 posts a day and the most effective time period for them is 9am to 12pm. Most of their content type has a photo in it.

The worst metrics has a frequency of 11 posts and the 9pm- 12pm timeslot doesn’t work for them as maybe most of their audiences are glued to the prime-time soaps that time. Posts with videos doesn’t work good for them.

Star Player’s Strategy

star player

For Star surprisingly, 1 post a day bring the best metric results whereas 7 post a day brings out the worst metrics. The 9am-12pm timeslot brings the best metrics for them whereas the 3pm-6pm timeslot doesn’t work for them.

This data shows that different strategies work for different pages. For Sony Entertainment, 7 posts a day brought the best results whereas only 1 post a day brought the most metrics for Star Player.

We can say that for both the pages, the best time to post is 9am to 12pm.

Key Points

Freq-Post frequency, the number of posts per day.

  •   Low 1 post per day
  •   Medium 2 or 3 posts per day
  •   High More than 3 posts per day

Length-The length of the text content of a post.

  •   None 0 characters
  •   Short 1-50 characters
  •   Medium 51-100 characters
  •   Long 101+ characters

Asked-Whether the brand asked for engagement in the content of the post. Determined by question marks or "like", "comment" or "share" in the text content.

Type-Content Type of the post.

Time-6-hour time blocks adjusted to your timezone (UTC +6 hours).

  • Morning 6am-12pm
  • Afternoon 12pm-6pm
  • Evening 6pm-12am
  • Overnight 12am-6am

Days-Used to determine how much the brand is posting on the weekend.

  • Weekdays
  • Weekend

Consistent-The percentage of posts the displayed values from the other six columns describe.

Score-Average is an internal Score.

Some conclusion based on key stats:

  • FREQUENCY - The “frequency” data shows that Star posts more often than Sony.
  • LENGTH - The “length” data shows that Sony uses more text characters in their ads than Star.
  • ASKED - Both of the pages ask for Engagement in the content of the post but Sony does it better than Star.
  • TYPE - Both of the pages mostly uses Images in their posts with Star using images in all of their posts.
  • TIME – Both of the pages prefer posting in the “Afternoon” slot i.e between 12pm- 6pm
  • DAYS – Both the pages focuses mostly on posting in weekdays.
  • CONSISTENT – The total score on the basis of the previous 6 parameters.  Star is more consistent in these as it has 80%  consistency compared to Sony’s 74%.
  • SCORE – The average score of the page. Sony has 5 whereas Star has 4. 


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