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SEO Tips for real estate - Real Estate SEO Simplified

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 In an age of internet communication and e-commerce it is  absolutely essential to have an online presence. It is more so for real estate business as more than 90 percent of prospective buyers or sellers begin their search online. However, a mere presence on Web isn’t enough; a website must be optimized well enough so that  it gets placed somewhere near the top of a search and get visibility. As a higher rank is contributory to greater sales, website owners must capitalize the SEO for real estate websites in order to get it well ranked with their targeted keywords

SEO for Real Estate -  Some SEO Tips
At Techshu we certainly understand how exactly to exactly bridge the gap between your business and the targeted mass.  
When it comes to real estate there are some factors which have more importance and implications.  

Go for Long Tail, regional keywords : It makes total sense to blend keywords with region names, i.e. the particular geographical area that you are targeting. (most real estate businesses are concentrated on a particular region and it is therefore very important to follow an aggressive local optimization strategy in this case.  
In most cases (not all), regional keywords are long tail and as it is easier to get ranked with long tail versions of keywords and then slowly aim at getting ranked with the competitive ones.  

Proper navigation and internal linking : Maintaining a proper navigation and internal linking is a must have. Make sure that the entire website has Home, proper category, sub category and product pages (sometimes there is another layer of page just above the categories; this is known as “category of categories” which marks all the categories in a page)  The menu structure of a web page should be kept simple so that a visitor is directed to his desired location without trouble.

Image Optimization: Images play a crucial role in the website of a real estate agent. While selecting images care needs to be taken that they are uniform in size and of high quality. This is a must for real estate website as the visitors try to get an impression of the property from the visuals.  
Also, these images should be complete with alt tags, image title and preferably descriptions. Other image optimization techniques should also be followed overall image optimization will include addressing the following features

  • Alt tags (The must haves)
  • Image Title
  • Image Desctiptions  
  • Properly defined image dimensions  
  • Proper filenames   

Even though theoretically all of the above mentioned aspects may be taken care of; you have to take into consideration the practical situations, the pros and cons while implementing these SEO tips and techniques. Techshu can help you with the consulting services that can guide your team with the things that they need to do when it comes to SEO. We also offer Real Estate SEO solutions to our clients who think they would need an execution assistance. Drop us a note to inquire further!

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