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Importance of image optimization - real estate SEO

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For real estate publicity in any form, images play a vital role. Real estate developers and marketers create brochures that are rich in images. In fact, without images a real estate publicity material is inadequate. Convincing buyers becomes easier with images, particularly when your product offering is a bungalow or office space.  

Enriched user experience:

Online brochures being publicity material should ideally contain several images. These images or photos are even more important for real estate.  A life like image carries greater impact than thousand words. As it is not possible to make an actual visit to your building site, it is desirable that you make a vivid presentation in the form of photos taken from different directions.

Better assessment of property:

For realtor SEO having multiple photos is a distinct advantage. As buyers are keen to know the exact details of a property to be bought they need to be convinced by photographs and videos. It is even better to portray snaps taken from vrious direction as it helps the visitor to get a complete 3D view of the property that he would opt for. Showcasing a little about the amenities like swimming pool, amusement park, Gymnasium and also little about the neighborhood of the place  is strongly recommended.  

Factors to be taken care of

For online marketing, optimization of web sites is a necessity. In case of image rich web pages, it is important to carry out optimization for each of the photos. Real estate SEO for images would ensure greater traffic to your website which consequently could lead to revenue generation. To attract more viewers to your site it should contain tempting images that are optimized. Images that you upload must look relevant and purposeful to an online visitor.  
Your photos should not only look good but should ideally adhere to some of the basic SEO requirements.

  • When uploading an image it is vital to give a title and alternate text and image title to it.
  • When inserting images to your website, care should be taken about size of photos used.  You must make sure that the images appearing on your website is of the correct size. Oversized or undersized images do not create a lasting impression on visitors’ minds. You must ensure that your website contains attractive images that grab attention of viewers.
  • You should ideally mention the image dimension

Insertion of videos

Insertion of videos has an impacting effect on human minds particularly when it comes to real estate. A quality video captured with a current generation digital camera makes your image superlative and convincing. In case there is an over abundance of space in your web page, a video would compensate that perfectly. A video complete with voice over is an excellent online marketing avenue. It is advisable to have a comprehensive video that captures both the inside and outside of a premise that is being sold.  
For real estate endeavours priority should be given to images in your site. Using photos and videos are a surefire way to convince buyers who could be stationed several hundred or even thousand kilometres away.    

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