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Effects of local SEO for real estate business

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Real estate like any other business is highly competitive. To determine the methods of real estate SEO it is important to understand real estate business thoroughly. Our optimization methods for real estate sites are distinctive from other websites.  
It has been found that almost 90 percent of enquiries for real estate begin online. A thorough search is conducted and  numerous options are being evaluated before they settle for a particular website. This is an encouraging news for search engine optimizers as it offers them an ample opportunity to tap in that market segment and drive them to the website.  

What are the factors that make marketing of real estate sites tougher as compared to other websites?

Real estate as a product is not much different from one vendor to another. Most real estate agents publicise similar products: spacious apartments with enough illumination and open space all around; landscape gardens; air-conditioned community hall; children’s playground; open-air swimming pool; 24-hour power backup. With these offerings to customers somewhat fixed, there is very little scope of highlighting with anything new to potential buyers. Hence, to portray the USP of your website becomes quite a challenge.  

What are the ways out of such a stalemate situation?

 This is the challenge faced by most SEO service provider.With several companies targeting the same audience and with similar products it is necessary to find a solution.  

Benefits of including local search terms:  

  • Including names of certain specifics like local regions help in making your web page more apt for local SEO. Further, Seearch engines identify you as a vendor offering products in that particular locality which reinforce your importance.  
  •  As a real estate company your concern is to stay visible to not just as many viewers as possible, but to targeted visitors who can potentially become your customers. Visibility with local keywords ensure that your website becomes visible to that mass of visitors who can become your customers...now or at a later date. Including region names decrease your competition hence enhancing your potential to rank higher up.   
  • Last but never the least; targeting local search terms creates the platform to help your website rank in search engines with competitive terms once it reaches a particular level.


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