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E-mail marketing for real estate agents

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The success matrix for every business is measurable by its ROI. And, the ROI you are able to create depends on a plethora of factors viz. Profit margin, investments made, market size and a few others. For small business owners like real estate agents, to generate this ROI requires careful investment in channels that  would prove effective.  Before you take up an investment decision, there are few things to consider like   

  • What you are really looking forward to achieve?
  • Is your investment short /long term?
  • Have you defined the return you are looking forward to achieve ?
  • How would you measure it ?

For Real estate agents Digital marketing as a channel has the capability of addressing some of the important goals that a business may look forward to achieve.  We have already discussed why email marketing is important for real estate business. In this particular write - up, we shall discuss about how it can help real estate agents specifically as number of real estate agents are startups who don't have deep pockets like their contenders. They have the potential to make it big but in order to do that you surely need wise investments at the initial stage.
Email marketing could open up new business avenues for real estate agents

At the onset a question might arise that why in the first place e-mail marketing is desirable for a real estate agent? Unlike any other goods or services, the amount of investments made in real estate is considerably high and quite naturally it goes through a chain of filters like   

  • Market analysis
  • Competitor research by the prospects   
  • Evaluation of opportunities   

And, last but never the least a rock solid trust factor before the customer makes up his mind!
Cost effective solution for real estate agentsE-mail marketing is the most economical way of online marketing which eradicates the cost of printing brochures and posting the same to every person. This is very advantageous for small real estate agents where reducing costs is one of the main lookouts.
Some more benefits aside from Cost

  • E-mail makes the matter simple as the task of addressing is done online. Just like Brochures, leaflets, fliers, you may choose to send customized emails with a proper messaging and that too to your selected list of customer where there is a greater probability of purchase.
  • Your emails are not just customized, they are personalized as well, hence helping you connect with the customers.
  • You get to target your customers on the basis of their demographics, profiles. For instance, in the case of real estate you surely don’t want your message to reach out to under 18 or just a little over 18 individual who is yet to create a dent in professional world. Hence, you would probably need to target customers who have a moderately deeper pocket so as to back up his purchase decision
  • There is every possibility of reducing the communication gap between you and your target customers. Correspondence between you and your buyer takes place instantaneously or at the most within 24 hours.
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