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Other Promotional Activities

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Creative promotions to increase sales

Plumbers can think of other promotional activities to increase the sales volume among the local audience. In fact, as a marketing agency we do giude our partners (we call our clients as partners as we work with them for a long time) in devicing new creative ideas and promote them using social media, email marketing channels. Before we do that, we discuss it with our partners regarding the budget, costing etc.

1. Discount Coupon - Using social media platform, plumbers can promote some discount coupons to the target audience to increase the sales. For example: We can ask the local audience to visit our facebook page and take a print of the coupon (say 10% discount for next 30 days) and visit the store. The residents who need the service they will grab the offer at once. The sale would go up and also the plumber will come to know that because of digital marketing activities his sales in increasing.

2. Packaged Service - As a plumber suppose you are offering 3 main services like, Taps & Toilet Repairs, Hot Water Systems and Stormwater & Drainage. You can create a package like with the above 3 services Gas Fitting is service is free or avail 6 months free service with the above package. We can then promote the idea via social media and SEO to your target market. This could increase the no of sales for plumbers.

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