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7 SEO elements for ecommerce website - SEO for ecommerce Series

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When it comes to ecommerce businesses, it is essential to adopt a digital marketing strategy that can generate returns in a quicker span of time. When it comes to ecommerce you are actually catering to already educated mass of visitors who  have a need for your products and services. And to do this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens to be one of the most important channels when it comes to adopting  digital marketing approach for ecommerce businesses. When it comes to ecommerce businesses there are few things that should be borne into mind…few areas of the SEO process require special attention. Increased efforts in these areas can help you reap better returns for your business… let’s see how  

Keyword research

– Before beginning an optimization process it is essential to conduct keyword research. Why it is important?  This is because it help you to understand what exactly your target customers are looking for and exactly searching for that matter. SEO companies often have dedicated personnel for drafting out keyword research strategy primarily. It is desirable to target keywords that have local relevance is the market demands. For instance if your e-Commerce website focuses on US clients it is wise to use keywords that have relevance to US.

Competitor research

– It is vital to have an idea about your competitors’ activities in any form of business. When we conduct a keyword research we also do a research on the keywords used by your competitors. While doing competitor research we evaluate various strategies that are being adopted by our competitors and select those sets of strategies that might be relevant for our business as well.   

Site architecture and navigation

– Site architecture plays an important role in Search Engine optimization strategies for ecommerce. It is important to ensure that your website has a great UI and navigation structure which will create enriched experience for the users. Make sure that you don’t forget to integrate certain social elements so that the users are able to share and talk about their activities in the ecommerce site among their social peer groups. This would not only enrich their own experience but also create an excitement and buzz about your products and offerings.

Identification of concern areas

– For appropriate optimization we identify and address your concern areas. One such area could is your site speed. Studies have revealed that a visitor waits for about 5 seconds for a website to open. For any speed slower than this, your website goes out of bounds for a visitor.


– This is of utmost relevance for your e-Commerce website. It is important to make your online buyers happy while using your website...if your website is usable you are assured of repeated visits of online customers. Increased usability would also ensure greater time spent on your website thereby giving you the opporunity to increase visitor’s interest on your products.

Mobile responsive websites

– With the increased use of smartphones it is justifiable to have your e-Commerce website compatible to mobile devices. A mobile responsive e-Commerce website would increase your reach hence making it easier for you to address a wider range of potential customers.

Customer reviews

– For an e-commerce site it is important to get customer reviews for any commodity sold through it. These reviews work as motivators for other online customers. It has been found that a large number of online buyers read reviews before order placement. We work by uploading latest reviews as they give better optimization results.

Social media integration

– Last but never the least, Social media presence of your website is just a must have nowadays. With Social signals being considered as one of the important ranking factors, it is important to strengthen social media presence of your e-commerce site which also contributes for better branding and more traffic generation.

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