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Links after panda & penguin

After panda and penguin update Google has stopped giving any value to those low quality links which are received from different kind of submission works like Article submission, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission etc. Later Google also started to drop the ranking of those websites which have been getting lots of links from different submissions. Google thought that those websites are manipulating search engine and to stop them nothing is better to drop them from search engine.

So the whole industry changed altogether. Many companies who are aware and fast started adopting the new concept of high quality link building where all the links are built manually and by proper process which takes much much more time than submission work but it worths it. 

So What Do we Mean by high quality links and how they will help?

After reading this much we are quite sure you have understood why you should not build low quality links. We prefer high quality links but what on the earth do we mean by high quality links? You need to know this, we need to tell you.

By high quality liks we mean we are not doing any submission or any other spammy work to get links and we are only building good links from good and proper websites. We negotiate with them and convince them to give us links. So you must be looking for some standards to justify our words that those links are of high quality.

We are mentioning here the minimum standards for a high quality links to stay safe from Google, as per the seo knowledge is concern if you will follow the below points there is no need to worry for any updates that will automatically gets value. These are

  • Site will be with minimum 10 Domain authority.

  • Whether the link is following the Google latest updates or not.

  • Links will be from relevant contents.

  • The keyword will be relevant to the content, if it is long tail or non commercial then the landing page has to be relevant with the site, page or the content.

  • Site will be active with regular activities, like : frequent posts or the events.

  • The site admin has to be active socially. Social integration has to be there in the respective site.

  • Page rank will be minimum pr0 not pr N/A.

  • Link will not come from spammy sites or from the link firm.

  • If the link is from the content with is copied then it is not allowed.

  • Link from .com, .net, .info & .org is allowed but if the domain extension has country like : .uk then the project or the landing page has to be from United Kingdom.

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