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Maintenance and improvement Package

What’s after the work is completed from our end:

The ranking generally stays but in case if the competition is doing better than you then the rankings will fall. You need to continually get new reviews, links to your website and more information on your website, add photos, add videos and keep generating more citations for your business for better rankings.

There is no fixed package for this part since the costing will depend what you want us to continue with? To get a better idea get a free quote now.

Maintenance Packages: You can select an ongoing monthly improvement package where we do help you grow organically every month.

Goal:  In the essential packs, we provided a quick start with basic ranking. With monthly maintenance packs, we help you make your listing stronger with better ranking, better engagement etc.

What we do under the monthly improvement packages:

Ranking for more keywords (generally adding 1 to 2 keywords every 2 to 3 month):

  • Keyword analysis
  • Include more Keywords in Local listing pages.
  • Helping the client more genuine reviews
  • Boost Link Popularity (Each link is like a vote for ranking)
  • Getting listed to more yellow pages and directories
  • Social Media page updating, engagement etc.
  • Reserving the business name on different social media websites (Brand protection)
  • Target more local niche area
  • Monthly rank reporting.
  • Monthly traffic reporting.
  • Also we are there to help you with your queries. We add digital marketing dimension to your marketing. We will suggest you want more you should do for your business and how. You can do it inhouse or can use us or any other company to do it. Our goal is help you grow.
  • Add-on: Reputation management with Google alerts (What people are talking about your business).