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Google Places Optimization - 98% success rate

98% SUCCESS RATE with ranking through Google listing -
We will take risk with you - 100% MONEY BACK, No Ranking No Money

Payment terms: 25% upfront, 25% after listing is done, 25% after 1st month report, 25% after achieving ranking for 2 keywords and completing our work (as listed under deliverables). No ranking, we work till we get the ranking or 100% money back (no questions asked). We are confident about Local SEO and ranking that we are ready to risk.



  1. What is Local SEO?
  2. Should you do Local SEO?
  3. Our pricing and deliverables
  4. Portfolio
  5. How to get started
  6. Add on - What after getting started

Please let us know if you need to know more about Local SEO


Introduction to Local SEO

When you talk about your profit blocks, it has three stages, they are
  • Building profit blocks - This is where our current package is
  • Maintaining profit blocks - We will guide you here. How many customers are coming to you whom you can convert to marketer for your business.
  • Improving profit blocks - It's your choice on how much you want to investment here. We will guide you here with add on


Huge opportunity, get started, "Build your first million"-Target Your Local Customers

Google place, map, Google Plus local optimization is all about building a very essential profit block for your local business. This is to help you get started in digital world and once you get ranking, which we feel is the first thing for any business to do, you can start investing more for more profits. But the initial thing is the most important and difficult things to start like "earning the first million".  We have already done the hard work, we make things easy for you and in fact we can guarantee you ranking in Google maps, places and Google plus local. Details are given below

  1. Setup is easy (So we will be doing it for free)
  2. It is low cost. ($300-one time)
  3. We create and work on your Google Places page for 3 to 4 months
  4. We list your business across the web(so your business get listed everywhere)
  5. We rank your business for minimum 2 local keywords.(No rank ,No pay)

Below images are analytics snapshot of how our clients business is getting impressions and clicks every month even without a website.More impressions and clicks means more and more of your prospective clients are getting aware of your local presence inturn improving sales.

Business category: Landscape Designer

Worked for :3  months (March 8 to june 8)

Google Local SEO dashboard


Business category: Chiropractor

Worked for :3  months (March 1 to june 1)
local listing seo dashboard



Our aim is to get you started and start building your online presence as
  • It is highly recommended that local business concentrate on nearby audience first.
  • It is an ideal technique for local business that are dependent on particular geographic locale.
  • It is wise to target and dominate search engines in your neighborhood and immediate area.
  • Sometimes customers are not searching for websites ,they are looking for a location.
  • People will not only know about your business but can also come to your business address using Google Maps and it has high potential of increasing your sales.
With a very minimum budget i.e $300(one time) we were able to achieve close to 98% success rate.This has enabled us to offer 100% Guaranteed result with 100% money back (starting from May 2013).


Please ask us for more details
  1. Australia 
  2. Canada
  3. U.S.A
  4. NewZealand
  5. U.K
  6. Ireland


"We will require your support to make it successful. We are ready to take the risk but you will have to help with information and proper implementation. Also before starting the work, please understand the deliverables".


To get started, please fill in the form. Our team will get in touch with you, will explain you all the process, One we are done with our work, we will educate you on how you can take it to next level. This is building the profit block for you and getting you the first rankings. 
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