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SEO Domain Name Suggestions

SEO Domain Name Suggestions

We have been writing about domain name selections, When it comes to domain name selection, it depends on your business goals:

  1. Are you looking for a domain that you can brand (For long term)
  2. Are you looking for a domain name that can help you in search engine ranking 
  3. Are you looking to evoke a emotional connect with the customers like in case of

Also you need to see if the domain name is available on .com or not. Having your domain name on .com adds amazing brand value. We have our clients who end buying .com at a later stage by spending over $10,000 .... There are clients who are now spending over $35,000 to get the .com domain for their established brand.

Domain Name Selection Services & Costing

If you are looking for a great domain name, you can use our services

  1. $100 - Which SEO domain names are available with .com (or any other extension)
  2. $250 - Help in choosing a right domain name for your business

How our system work? We look at search volume for different keywords and we run our system to see if the domain is available for the keyword combination (We don't use hypens for it). We then export the system and do various calculation like domain length, search volume (Local, & Global) to buy the right domain. Here is a screenshot from our system.

SEO domain name suggestions