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Case Studies for Profit Blocks

Digital Mix is Everything – All in One and Little Bit of All

The whole is larger than the sum of its parts.” We believe in the theory and we think beyond SEO, PPC, Social Media or Affiliates. We do little bit of everything for our clients to discover what works for whom. We call it Digital Mix.


Case studies:

Just few examples on how companies are setting up their own profit blocks and improving it to ensure they reach their business goals. Still the “Whole is larger than the sum of all of its parts”.
  1. Only through Paid Ads: We have worked for some of the companies who are doing some extra ordinary work. Their products are over $500 per product. They spend almost $20,000+ every month on Ads and generate close to a $300,000 to 500,000 every month. Their product is good, high conversion rate and high product cost and profit. They hardly bother about SEO. They focus on Paid Ads and Partners. They should certainly focus on SEO now as they are successful already, they can bring the cost of acquisition down. Also they can increase the sales as only 6% people click on ads. They are mission 90%+ attention on search engine. Somehow they are having generating millions that they hardly bother about anything else.

    Digital Mix: They should focus on social media and SEO to get more value from their paid traffic. Just imagine if Google Ads screws up their algo or another competitor starts offering cheaper product? One must improve other profit blocks side by side.


  2. SEO only: The company that our CEO headed for 5 years is an example of 100% SEO focused. For every project they had a team of 20 to 25 people working on it. They build links, very limited content and focus on community building to generate much valueable content. They generate over $20 to $25 millions through traffic from search engines.
  3. Social Media only: We have a designer who generates her sales through Social media. She engages her customers through social media and creates enough attention to lead them to sales (and probably enough sales for her to survive and excel). This is more of an example of how you can get good sales without investing much in marketing.
  4. Market Place listing: We have a t-shirt company, we got them listed across different ecommerce portals like flipkart, infibeam, ibibo (kind of Amazons, ebays for India). Now the company generates enough sales through these channels that they don’t have to invest anywhere. We also worked for another Toy Ecommerce (The biggest in India). They hardly invest in marketing, they put all their money in supporting partnership. They have partnered with most ecommerce as their supplier for Toys and they have largest market share and earns good profit.