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High Quality Links

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Generic Guidelines for HQ link builders

•    Site / blog has to atlist 10 domain authority.

Will check the authority here : http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/

•    Approach those bloggers who are regular in blogging.

•    Avoid bring links from a site which is N/A page rank

•    Avoid drop domains while bringing links. If so then new theme should be present last 6 months atlist.

Check your domain status : http://archive.org/web/web.php

•    Links from a good page rank is good but this is not the ultimate. So, don't reject the pr0 site might be this will inject more quality to your website. Ask the expert in this case.

•    Try to bring links from those bloggers who are socially active.

Check whether social profiles are visible in the blog or not.

•    Links from spam sites are not allowed. If the site has so many outgoing links then it will consider as  spam site.

You will find the count of outgoing links of any site from here : http://linkcounter.submitexpress.com/

•    Link without content or descriptions are not allowed.

•    Hidden links are prohibited.

•    Frame links are prohibited.

•    Footer links are not strictly prohibited.

•    Blogs  has to be with 5 content pages while doing guest posting.

•    Sites which are created only for link exchange purpose should be avoided. (Exceptional cases are there.)

•    Link from off topic domain is not allowed but multi topic is considerable.

•    Try to bring link from the first 3 paragraphs if possible. Adds more value.

•    Squdoo & Hub links will not consider as HQl. Effective from Feb, 13

•    Links from free blogs are not allowed from Jan, 13  (If you are getting links from exceptionally good free blog then get approval from your concern person before bringing)

•    Bring 2 - 3 links from a particular content for 2 - 3 projects but all the projects has to be relevant.

Example : If your content is related to jewellery then all the links has to be related to that theme or else ask to your immediate reporting person.

•    Don't impose link forcefully in an irrelevant content.

•    Don't bring links from .in or any other country specific domain, only if the respective project is similar to the site's country then you can go.

•    Check content plagiarism issues before posting articles for HQ links.

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