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Cost effective SEO Rank Checker - New age SAAS based

New to Techshu? We are an Indian Agency (One of the most knowledgeable agencies, working for over 200 clients per month). From top brands to one man company uses our ROI focused Digital Marketing Mix services.

We have been looking for a proper and cost effective SEO rank checker. We wanted a simple rank checker which is cost effective, never thought we will get a SAAS based application. We stumbled upon it when Raven Tools or some other SEO tools broke their partnership with them, I checked them and to my surprise it was amazing. That was the reason that most SEO tools were using them for rank checking data. The surprising factor was, they hardly do marketing. So we thought we will do marketing for them, we approached them and here we are promoting them (This is something we use so we have no hestiation in promoting them as a great rank checking software, THE BEST I will say).

Try it yourself, 30 days free, no card needed

Features I liked about this tool

  1. 30 Days FREE, no credit card needed, test it, happy continue else just move on ....
  2. IT is SAAS based, you don't need to run the software at your end, it is 100% Auto pilot.
  3. Rank checking every day ever keyword, it adds great value to your bosses (and your clients). It also helps you as a marketing manager.
  4. 100% White label, we have hosted it at
  5. Add single user, add team, multi user management - Amazing user management ... we have all our clients in it now.
  6. Different countries and city wise data presentation
  7. Export Data as it is and send it to client.
  8. Type of Ranking (image or web)
  9. Graphical representation
  10. 1000 Keywords, 100 Clients
  11. ONLY $100/month, isn't it amazing !! Cost effective ... real big value for money

Try it yourself, 30 days free, no card needed

1. 100% White label

Here they will register their domain under the system and you will get it under, all you need to do is to login and enjoy. Since it will be installed in your domain only, the client will never suspect it to be a third party and you can enjoy the benefit. It is 100% white label, no need to go anywhere. Even you can give your clients access to see their ranking on the system and they will get amazed by the system.



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2. Add single user, add team, multi user management

Add as many user you want. You can even manage the access level, you can make admin, you can restrict somebody as well. Not only this, you can add team as well and you can define the team as per your user, you can manage the access level for groups as well.


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3. Different countries and city wise data presentation

Different country and city wise data, easy to manage and easy to sort your clients


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4. Auto rank checking everyday, no need to update anymore

This system will rank your clients ranking every single day, you don't need to update, you don't need to run anything, all these will be done automatically and this is the best part. Also this system will give you ranking of past time as well which is very rare for any system. So if you want to rank for a particular keyword on May 22, 2013, you can know it easily by this system.


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5. Export Data as it is and send it to client

Export the data and just send it to your clients, no need to prepare data anymore. It will give you data as fine as can be sent to the client.


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6. Type of Ranking (image or web)

It also shows you whether the rank is on Google web or Google image, so you get more data and more understanding


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7. Graphical representation

They provide graphical representation, so you get a better view. Also you can select keywords and it will show you graphical representation for ranking for multiple keywords at a time.


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8. 1000 Keywords, 100 Clients

In this system you will be able to see ranking for 1000 keywords, you can add upto 100 clients. But what if you want more? Well, there is another package for more, ask us to know more.


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9. ONLY $100/month, isn't it amazing !!

All of this amazing features, you can get them all only for $100/month. Isn't it awesome?

We can guarantee you will never find a better seo rank checker than this. With our 10+ years of experience we can assure it. There are a lot of features in this system which simplifies your work and gives you a life. We are using this system and we have liked it so much that we have thought to promote it. 


Only $100, its awesome

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Techshu is doing very good work for me. I am continuing to use them for this ongoing project