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SEO Content Optimization - Case 2


Here's another example on how to add keywords to an article not having the required keyword density.
Sample Article 
9 Tips to shop for your baby
Targeted keywords - 
Baby Clothing

Baby clothing discounts

Cheap baby clothing online

Online shopping for baby clothing

Are you planning to shop for your newborn baby for the first time? Well,, consider these factors before you proceed. 

1. The skin of a newborn baby is delicate. Considering this fact, all doctors recommend parents to choose 100% cotton clothes for their babies. Once the baby has grown a little, parents can always consider other cloth material for their tiny tots. 
2. Size is often a concern while shopping for baby dresses. In case of any confusion, always opt for a bigger size. In this way, if the dress is large to your baby, he/she can wear it later. 
3. When you hit the market for shopping, you will be amazed at the different styles of baby christening dresses. While most of these look alluring, be careful before you buy them. Remember that zippers and buttons can be sometimes uncomfortable for babies.
4. Denims definitely look good on the little ones. However, be careful when you buy denim pants for your little angels. It is advisable that you opt for plastic waist denims instead of button waist denims; reason - you will face trouble undressing your baby from such button waist denims. 
5. As parents, you need to focus upon comfortable styling of the dress. For example, try to buy dresses that have stretchable neck holes. This will make it easy for the baby to slide his/her head into the dress. 
6. Do not choose clothes just by looking at the size label. Remember each clothing brand has its own sizing standard. Moreover, each baby is not the same. While some babies have long legs, some have broad torso. It is better that you take your baby for shopping while you select the dresses.
7. Get out of the fixed mould of pink and blue. Often parents dress their baby boys in blue denims and baby girls in pink fairy dresses. While there is no harm in doing so, there are other colours as well. If you visit the market, you will see a myriad of options in colours. Ranging from purple and aqua to crimson red, there is virtually no end to the colours in baby dresses. 
8. Do not buy clothes that might have some harmful dyes. It is better that you do not choose clothes that have bows or buttons around the collar of the dress. Remember that your baby while playing with the dress can take the dress material into the mouth. 
9. Choose innovative patterns in the dresses. 
Tip: You can also choose some boyish dresses for your baby girls. They will look cute in them that will add to their charm. 
1) In the above article the primary keyword clothing as existing within the phrase kids clothing does not have required keyword density. Even though the word kids have a density of 6.6%, the density for the word clothing is only .3% which has to be improved. Here’s a way to add it: 
Synonyms Replacement Approach: In some cases you would find that even though the targeted keyword does not exist sufficient number of times, a particular synonym has been used in its place. Our approach in this case should be to replace the synonym with the targeted keyword. For instance, the above article has the word clothes and “dresses” for quite a number of times; which in this case is used by “clothing”.
2) In some instances, certain specific keywords which we can categorize as buy keywords may not be present. Examples of buy keywords may include 
buy kids clothing
kids clothing price
discount on kids clothing
kids clothing stores
We categorize them as buy keywords because a person searching with such key phrases have an intention to buy most of the time. 
Contextual Adding -  The solution is context-based. If you see a sentence where it’s mentioned something about shopping and price, like- “When you go to market for shopping, you will be amazed at the different styles of baby christening dresses.” then add this sentence - “ You can also buy kids clothing online. There are different kids clothing stores online that offer discount on kids clothing. Before selecting the first shop it’s better to check different stores and the kids clothing price at each store.”