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Senior SEO Strategist : Current Vacancy

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Work Experience and  Technical Skills Requirement

  • Experience in Creating & Implementing SEO Strategy 
  • Wide experience in using various SEO & SEM Tools 
  • Communicating SEO efforts to the clients 
  • Ecommerce Usability Analysis 
  • Advanced knowledge in SEO technology 
  • Excellent knowledge of leading Web Analytics tools 
  • Expert in Keywords Research 
  • Competitor Back link Analysis 
  • Creating off-page optimization strategy 

Job Description

  • Building SEO Strategy 
  • Communicating SEO Efforts with Clients On A Weekly/Monthly Basis 
  • SEO Strategy Execution Planning 
  • Coordinating With Link Builders And Content Writers 
  • Interacting With Programmers And Designers To Coordinate System Modifications For SEO Purposes 
  • Analyzing New Advancements In SEO Technology 
  • Collaborate On Site Navigation, Content Organization, and Page Detail. 
  • Develop Content Strategy Documentation Around Keyword Theme 
  • Research Content Strategy And Develop Best Practices 
  • Monitor, Track And Report On Analytics Metrics 
  • Keywords And Off Page Assets Research & Analysis 
  • Research And Analyze Competitor Links Structure 
  • Back Link Strategy And Its Implementation 
  • Internal Link Optimization Strategy


Additional Comments: We are looking for some one with with more than 5 years' of experience in the relevant field.

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- Notice period


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