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Search Campaign Set up

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Search Campaign Set Up

1st Step Campaign Creation

If you have newly created your account then after signing in you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to “create your first campaign”.Click that option

If you have an existing account & you are willing to create a new campaign under the same account then go to CAMPAIGN tab and Select the New Campaign Option.

2nd Step Campaign Name & Network Selection

Now you will be redirected to the next page. Here you have to set up your campaign settings. Here is fields you need to fill up one by one
1.Campaign Name : 
 Write your campaign name in the “Campaign Name” field. Campaign name should be unique and should be goal oriented. Suppose I am creating a campaign and my purpose is Branding and I am targeting the California market. So I write the campaign name like this
         “0.01. Mens Outfit – Branding – People searching within California”
If you are managing multiple accounts then it will help you.At a glance you will understand what is the purpose of the campaign and it will further help you to manage the campaign.
2.Type : Select the campaign type  “Search Network Only”.
3.Select the feature that is available right beside the Type option. Here you get two options:
All Features
here we recommend you to select the second option, i.e. All features.

3rd step Search Network Selection

As you already selected the “Search Network” at second stage however Under this setting you will find a new interesting option that is “Google Search Partner”.This option allows you to show your ad simultaneously on google search partner site,Like :, etc. By default the option will be selected but you can make it inactive if you want so.

4th Step Device Targeting

In this step you can choose which devices and computers you want to target. You cannot discard tablet, but you can discard, for that you ned to go to the devices tab and reduce mobile bidding by 100%

5th Step Location Targeting

In this section you can choose your target location, this is very important since target country is an important factor. You can choose either target country, or state. You can choose radius wise as well, you can select PIN wise also, in that case you need to select that advance option.

6th Step Language, Biding & Budget, Delivery method & Ad Extensions

Select the language you want to target, after that you will be asked to select your bidding strategies, now here you have a lot of options, know them well before implementing

  • Focus on CPC
    •  Manual: you can manually select your bid and then adwords will consider that bid only, adwords will not apply its algo to optimize the bidding, in this option you get better control over bid and most ofthe time this is the option we choose. Adwords will cyharge you per click only and this bid is fixed from your end
    • Auto CPC: In this option you give the liberty to adwords to select your bidding and we do not recommend this since we do not have much faith on the intelectuality of adwords, so better not try this. But even if you want to try and you do not have enough time to go everytime and change your bidding, we recommend bid limit for adwords auto cpc, click on auto cpc and you will find the checkbox right there.

Just below of CPC bidding you will find another checkbox which is known as ECPC, thsi will help you to optimize your conversion with its own algo and if checked, will like to increase the bidding for those keywords where it will find the probability of conversion is higher.

  • Focus on CPA(also known as conversion optimizer) : This option will allow you to select how much you are willing to spend per conversion but you can only use this option when you have more than 15 conversion per month, so it will depend upon your history and if that is not meet, you will ne able to use this option.
  • Focus on CPM: Here you will be charged per 1000 Impressions. Please note that we do not prefer this option as we have never found this option to be profitable.
  • Flexible Bid startegy: It gives you many flexibility over bidding, just click on the option and you will be able to find different bidding strategies.


After that you will one more option named as delivery method which consists of two options, standard and acclerated, standard will evenly distribute your budget through out the whole day where as accelerated will help you to run your ads aggresively and will not stop untill your budget is exhausted.

Once you select these options, you can select the extensions you want to add to your ads, you have mainly 8 ad extensions and they are,

  1. Location : will show your location along with your ads, you either need to put it manually or need to integrate your google plus page to your website
  2. Product : Will show your products for relevantr search queries
  3. Sitelinks: Will add important sitelinks to your ads, now this has become a good factor to get better ad position, so we recommend to use this option
  4. Call: Will show your phone no. along with your ad
  5. Social: Will show your fanbase in google plsu page, good to build the trust factor
  6. Dynamic search ads: Will show ads based on your content in your website.
  7. App extensions: This will show your app along with your ad
  8. Review extensions: Will show 3rd party review for your business below your ad

7th Step : Advance options

Under this setting you will see four options
    10(a) : Schedule : By this option you can show your ads on a particular days in a week or in a particular hours in a day. You can select this option to show your ad whenever you think you can achieve good conversions.
    10(b): Ad delivery : four options available :
  • Optimize for clicks: Show ads expected to provide more clicks
  • Optimize for conversions: Show ads expected to provide more conversions
  • Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for at least 90 days, then optimize
  • Rotate indefinitely: Show lower performing ads more evenly with higher performing ads, and do not optimize
    10 (c) :Keyword matching options : Two options available:
  • Include plurals, misspellings, and other close variants:if your keyword is [buy shirt] then selecting this option allow you to show your ad for the keyword like “buy shrt” or “buy shirts”
  • Do not include close variants: This is the alternative option.
10(d) : Dynamic tracking URL : This is available for product listing ads in search network.
Congrats you have create your first Adword campaign.


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