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Real Life Problems of PPC

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Real Life Problems of PPC

Problem:  We had been facing problems in bid adjustments. We had an US client and we maintained Adwords PPC for them. But at night here in India which was day in US the competitor used to increase their bids and therefore we did not get any impressions.

After a certain period which was day in India and night in US the competitors again reduced their bids and when we came back we did not see any change but used to observe that we did not get any impressions.
How did we deal:  We understood that there must be something going on at night as we knew few sites had a tendency to increase their bids at day time. So we closely observed the account and found out this situation.
Now we could do three things, they are
  • To create a separate campaign for night and schedule it in that way
  • To create some automated rule for the targeted keywords
  • To manually increase the bids at night.
We decided to go for the automated rule first.
Once we set it, our bid automatically went higher at night when it was not possible for us to monitor.
And by this way we have become able to solve this problem.
Problem: We had a campaign targeting both search and display network. but we observed there were some keywords which search network wise not giving much conversions but display network wise were pretty good and vice versa.
But it was not possible to change the keywords separately, when you are changing the search network keyword bid, the display also gets changed.
So if you intended to reduce the bid of a keyword in search network, it would also get changed in display too.
How did we deal: We just separate the whole campaign into two different campaign for search and display.
Now we could change whatever we want in search network which was not affecting the display campaign as both were separated and had no relation with each other.


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