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5 Questions To Ask

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Much of getting the right social media marketing strategy depends on asking the right questions to the prospects. Here’s a rundown of 5 questions your social media marketing questionnaire must include - 

1) What goals do you want to achieve? 

Lao Tzu, the famous Chinese philosopher, once wrote, “Every thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” And it’s true for all breeds of marketers. Without knowing what the clients want to achieve from social media, your marketing efforts would steer away from the path it’s supposed to run. Ask the prospective customers what they want to achieve from the social media efforts. Are they looking for leads, page likes, more comments and shares, or is it website traffic? 

2) Who’s your target customer? 

No one knows the answer better than your prospects. So, ask them as many questions to get the most from them.  Questions you should include under this section are - 
Who is most likely to buy your product or service?
High-network individuals, medium or low-income group. 
Marital status
Family status (Do they have kids?) 
What’re their buying habits? 
What’re their interests, leisure activities? 
Understanding your prospect’s target customers will help you zero in on a lot of things such as - the networks you should put more efforts on, content to be posted on the social media platforms, ad targeting.  For instance, one of our clients has a high-end salon in Philadelphia. Her requirement was leads from social media. She wanted to target women who didn’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks on pampering themselves.  Our social media marketing efforts were distributed evenly between Pinterest and Facebook. Our strategy for increasing followers on Pinterest worked well. For the content part, we pinned the popular designs crafted by the salon’s nail technicians and received amazing response. Also, pinned were the images of the salon’s relaxed and luxurious environment. We also created a board where we repinned the best images relevant to the client’s business – the board saw a lot of engagement. 

3) Tell me about your product/service 

Every marketer must first understand the products/services that he’s about to promote on social media platforms.  Include these questions in your social media marketing questionnaire- 
How’s your product/service different from competitors? 
Mention the USPs
What pain points the product/service solve? 
How long your product has been in the market? 
For product launches – Did the test-drive deliver positive results? 
Remember – if the products/services aren’t great then no amount of marketing or story-telling can help you. 

4) What are your challenges? 

Understand the prospective customer’s marketing challenges. Is it turning followers/fans into customers? Or is it creating quality blog content that’s likely to be shared by the industry – influencers?  You want your prospect to open up to you here in a deeper way.  And more they say the better are your chances of getting closer to the core problems they’re facing.  
List some of the social media challenges that you are facing 
How long have you been experiencing these challenges?
Rate the challenges in order of importance.
How did you try addressing those challenges in the past? 
Which part of dealing with the problem was the most challenging? 
Is anyone working on these problems currently? If so, then what’re the activities they’re doing and what’re the results? 

5) What’s your social media presence?

Get every important detail from the prospects. Include these questions – 
List the social media platforms you’ve presence? 
Which platforms are working the best for you in terms of engagement, leads, website traffic etc? 
How are you measuring social media results? 
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