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Why Business Reports are important

Business Reports are very important in order to understand where do you stand after putting so much effort into it. But t get a clear picture the reports has to be in such a way so that you look into this at a glance and get a basic understanding where do u stand, what are you headed for and what is the imporvement.

What to expect from Business Reports?

When you look at reports the two most important thing that you want to kno

  1. What is done and where do you stand
  2. What is the progress and how close are you to your target.
  3. How much have you spent and what is the value, return for it.

To understand those parameters a business reports has to explain all the courses of action of action you have taken with a certain time frame and the impact of those actions. Also you need to have a clear idea where did you stand, where do you stand, are you close to your target or not. So if you are running PPC you would like to know what is the no. of traffic and what is the increase in the no. of traffic, how many conversions you have now what is the percentage of increase. For SEO you would like to know how many keywords are you ranking for and earlier how many keywords you were ranking for and more importantly what is the increase in the no. of traffic, whether they are targted traffic or not etc.

Also you need to have a clear idea how much have you spent and what is the return, for that you need a Financial Report to understand the ROI, value creation by those activities. When we talk about ROi we do not always mean the monetary output you get of those online activities but we also mean other parameters which can be quantitative as well as qualititative, for e.g how much market share are you getting can be a far more important question to a large brand rather than knowing the amount of sales.

So here we will be discussing about different kind of reports which will give you a clear view of your work and also will tell you where do you need improvement. We will show some sample reports, some reports template so that is gets easier for others to understand how reports should be designed and what hould they cover to give a broad idea.

Some examples of Reports

  1. Monthly Plan :You should have a monthly plan for a the channels which will tell you where you are and where you want to go.
  2. Master Plan : This is a micro format of monthly plan with very detailed and defined targets and goals.
  3. Detailed Analysis Business Report: When you are doing digital mix, i.e. all the channels you need to have a report with all the reports of different channels together. This report will give you a overall idea where you digital mix is going.