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Why we can't take all projects

Sorry, if your project is rejected by our Strategy HUB. We can't make all projects successful, so we reject some of the projects as each team is known by its success ratio, most of our appraisals are based on ROI for our clients. We reject it on the basis of but not limited to:

  • Business model, if there are some business models which may not be suited for web marketing. Example: We rejected a company which was ready to pay $3000+ per month, they are doing well but most of their current selling (Phone call) is based on identifying people who are not aware of the industry and tapping them. They can't fight the battle on web unless they redefine their business offerings. They need to come up with better value proposition, we guided them but we couldn't take them unless they add strong offerings.
  • Marketing Channels: There are some businesses which needs one on one selling like an Enterprise Product, they can use web for branding and awareness but the real sales will happen through personal contact. We can help them get some leads, more awareness and reach but for selling it might take some time. In one of the cases, we have created great value for such a client like around 75 leads a month but somehow they expected these leads to convert in a month which wasn't easy. We need to be sure of the niche and the possible targeting. At times, web alone is not sufficient.
  • Unrealistic expectation and need: At times, business demand is quick results and when we are not sure of these quick results, we mention it upfront.
  •  Industry: Some industries are too competitive, you can't win it unless you are offering local or some other strong differentiator. Example, web design companies, this industry is global, highly competitive and thus we are cautious about taking a new client. 

The point is, "A project is not a project for us, its a matter of hope, matter for dependencies, so we want to be upfront to make sure we don't break the trust at any level. It is very important for us and certainly important for the digital marketing industry".