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Why are you charging 2x when there is a vendor charging very low

Why are you charging 2x when there is a vendor charging very low

One instance:

  • Client: There is a company that is ready to work for $50 a month.
  • One of the sales head: I will suggest you to keep it than spend it, by spending $50x6 = $300, you might not get anything at all. So I am not sure whether you are saving or losing.

In Short, its all about value, what value is getting created. There is minmum number of hours needed to create value. Once done, it can grow by its own.


There is no upper or lower budget limits for digital marketing, I will suggest going for balanced package as mentioned in the proposal, there is no point in working where we are not adding enough value. Time is more valuable than some money saving . There are agencies which works and charges you for work, we can also do it, we spend X hours, We charge X*$15, we create the best possible returns from the available budget. The growth and returns will depend on available hours for the project. We are a service company, we survive on hourly costing, our focus is to generate returns within the available hours. Please do read Also there are businesses


We know our stuff very well, for techshu, we did a small test with 

  1. SEO Kolkata, PPC kolkata etc using PPC and saw good returns, we created page, optimized and now ranking #1 for PPC Kolkata and have reached #2 page for SEO Kolkata, will become #1 soon
  2. We did the same experiment with "SEO questionnaire" as the target is agencies, to go really quick, we booked the domain and now we getting good leads.
We can add value but we will need good time and good team members (higher budget helps me put time and team).
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There are agencies with different hourly costing:

Source: (Average costing per hour is $75 - $200). Being in India, we have cost advantage, we add great value at right costing. Also we are in Kolkata, which is one of the top 4 metros but the most cost effective of all.